Super Bowl 2015 Ads You Must See: Have a Kleenex for #BestBuds 'Lost Dog' Commercial [Videos]


On the heels of the GoDaddy Puppy Super Bowl ad fiasco, comes the Budweiser Puppy ad, also for the Super Bowl. However, this one does not reek of animal neglect or irresponsibility. Budweiser managed to put together a heartwarming tale of a little Labrador pup that got lost but finds his way back home through hell and high water, and even a close encounter with a wolf!

With the help of his #BestBud, the Lost Puppy makes his way back home safe and sound.

The one minute spot sure has already captured our hearts and there just aren't enough Kleenex's in the world to wipe away the waterfalls leaking out of our eyes right now.

Bud's Lost Puppy ad isn't the only commercial worth waiting for on Super Bowl Sunday. Other companies have also made some pretty spectacular ads and you can watch them all online right now. Check out our top picks for must-see Super Bowl ads. You won't be sorry!

We previously showed you the larger-than-life Pac-Man maze that was set up in Los Angeles. The Bud Light commercial features a man going through the retro arcade game complete with a giant coin slot, points to collect, and man-sized ghosts chasing him down!

Love her or hate her, the Selfie Queen, Kim Kardashian's Data Stash PSA-type of ad for T-Mobile still grabs our attention.

Once a Bond, always a Bond. James Bond. Revisit Pierce Brosnan's stint as that suave secret agent 007 in the extended cut for this KIA ad.

Take another dip in the Hot Tub Time Machine with this spot to promote the sequel to the film during the Super Bowl.

The Angels are back in this sexy eye-catching ad for the lingerie giant, Victoria's Secret.

Challenge men's stereotypes in a good way. Dove's Men+Care shows what Real Strength really is about.

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