Newsweek, an American weekly magazine, has stirred a hornet's nest with its controversial cover that illustrates sexism in the Silicon Valley.

The Newsweek cover has sparked off ire online and is generating not very positive reactions from people on social media.

The magazine's exposé "What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women," which delves into the misogynist attitudes and sexism that is rampant in Silicon Valley, was accompanied by an illustration that depicts a woman clad in a red dress. What has created a furor, however, is the computer cursor which is lifting the woman's skirt.

The Newsweek article by Nina Burleigh probes into the controversies and scandals that have shaken Silicon Valley. It also shares the story of two budding women entrepreneurs who attempt to generate funding for their start-up but do not make much headway. The article suggests that the founders did not find much favor with investors owing to their gender. "There is, though, one thing these two founders are missing, and it is almost the sine qua non of the fabled Silicon Valley startup. They don't have penises," notes the report. However, it is the cover that is creating a stir on social media with critics labeling it "clickbait designed to piss women off." The image has also been deemed sexist and offensive, especially since it is a precursor to a serious issue that is being delved into.

"Well, Newsweek, the revolution's not going to start like this," condemned feminist site Jezebel in a counter story. Several critics expressed their anger under the hashtag #Newsweek on Twitter.

Burleigh, the author of the story, took to Twitter advising people to read the article before passing a judgment.

Newsweek's editor Jim Impoco did not respond to the critics, instead retweeted the following image:

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