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Google Pays Women Less Than Men, Puts Them In Positions Where They’re Less Likely To Be Promoted, Lawsuit Claims

Former Google employees have filed a lawsuit accusing Google of paying women less for the same work as men and assigning them positions where they’re less likely to get promoted. This is the latest rupture in Silicon Valley’s sexism problem.

Google September 15, 2017

Men's Attitude Toward Women Determined By First Pornography Exposure: Study

Researchers find significant links between men's age during their first pornography exposure and their attitude toward women. Younger and older exposures lead to adherence toward certain masculine roles.

Life & Style August 5, 2017

Uber Meeting About Sexism Goes Awry As Board Member Makes Sexist Joke (UPDATE: David Bonderman Resigns)

The all-hands meeting of Uber regarding CEO Travis Kalanick and the rampant sexism in the workplace took a hard turn toward the wrong way when board member David Bonderman inappropriately made a sexist joke.

Business Tech June 13, 2017

United Airlines Stops Two Teenage Girls From Boarding Flight For Wearing Leggings

Two teenage girls were stopped from boarding their United Airlines flight because their leggings were deemed inappropriate by the gate agent. The incident has sparked outrage and sexism allegations across social media.

Business Tech March 27, 2017

After Claims Of Sexism, More Stories Of Uber’s Abusive Workplace Culture Surface

After former employee Susan Fowler revealed the workplace sexism she allegedly experienced at Uber, more negative stories of the company's workplace culture have surfaced, including homophobic slurs and instances of sexual harassment.

Business Tech February 23, 2017

Uber Employees Report 'Honest, Raw And Emotional' Staff Meeting Amid Scandal Over Sexist And Abusive Workplace Culture

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick held an 'honest, raw and emotional' staff meeting about sexism, after a former engineer detailed a sexist, discriminatory and abusive workplace culture. Uber employees said Kalanick apologized and seemed truly invested into sorting this out.

Business Tech February 22, 2017

Eric Holder To Investigate Uber Sexual Harassment Claims, Diversity Report Follows In The Next Few Months

Uber has tapped former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder to conduct an independent review of sexual harassment claims directed at Uber. The company will also release a diversity report in the next few months.

Business Tech February 21, 2017

Former Uber Engineer Details Sexist Abuse In Workplace, Prompts CEO Travis Kalanick To Order Investigation

A former Uber employee has come out with a seething narrative of sexism that affected her one-year stint at the company. Among them are bouts of repeated and ignored sexual harassment, suppressed complaints, and more.

Business Tech February 20, 2017

Magic Leap A Hostile Workplace Environment For Women, New Lawsuit By Former Executive Alleges

On top of criticisms over its inability to showcase a concrete product, Magic Leap, an augmented reality startup, is now being accused of workplace sexism. The lawsuit claims the company’s sexism is what hampered the development of its product.

Business Tech February 14, 2017

Apple Responds To Toxic, Sexist Work Environment Allegations: HR Chief Says Company Has Taken Action

Apple's HR chief responded to the allegations that the company has a toxic and sexist work environment by stating that Apple has taken action. She added that Apple CEO Tim Cook was also involved in the process.

Apple September 19, 2016

Leaked Apple Emails Reveal Work Environment That's Toxic And Sexist: Is Tim Cook Doing Anything About It?

An extensive report reveals what is allegedly a sexist and toxic work environment at Apple. According to leaked emails, there is a problem on how women are being treated among the company's teams.

Apple September 16, 2016

Study Suggests That Playing Sexist Video Games Could Lead To Less Empathy For Female Violence Victims

A new study done by several Italian universities suggests that young men who strongly identify with male characters in video games deemed sexist may have less empathy for female victims of violence than others.

Geek April 14, 2016

Microsoft Apologizes For Xbox GDC Party With Dancers In Skimpy Outfits

Microsoft has apologized for the Xbox GDC party controversy, which had skimpily clad dancers in schoolgirl attire. The images created quite a furor on social media.

Internet March 19, 2016

Women Code Better Than Men But Only If They Hide Their Gender, Study Suggests

A new study has been released suggesting that women get higher acceptance rates for coding - but only if they don't say what their gender is. The study was conducted of 1.4 million GitHub users.

Internet February 12, 2016

Think Before You Click: Australian Man Loses Job After Posting Sexist Facebook Comment

A 22-year-old Australian man has lost his job after trolling feminist writer Clementine Ford on Facebook. Michael Nolan called Ford a "slut" in response to a remark from another guy making derogatory comments on her post.

Internet December 2, 2015

Remember GamerGate? It’s Going To Have A Movie

GamerGate is going to have a movie. The controversy, primarily brought to light through Zoe Quinn’s story, will be central to the project to be developed by Pascal Pictures.

Internet Culture November 9, 2015

Bearded Men Likely To Value Traditional Gender Roles, New Survey Says

In a survey conducted by Qualtrics, it has been found out that bearded men were likely to value traditional roles more than men who tend to shave their facial hair. In another similar survey, the researchers discovered that men with beard are more likely to cheat on their partner, steal and get caught up in brawls.

Life October 30, 2015

Top Female Surgeon In UK Calls For End Of Sexism In Operating Theaters

Dr. Jyoti Shah, a urological surgeon consultant for the Burton hospitals NHS foundation trust in the UK, revealed that discrimination is very much a commonplace in many operating theaters. Many female surgeons are said to be often subjected to sexist behavior from their male counterparts.

Life October 3, 2015

Male Gamers Who Lose Constantly Are The Most Sexist: Study

Researchers found that male gamers who often lose in matches were more likely to blurt negative comments about the opposite sex. The sexist behaviors exhibited by the poor-performing male participants may signify that they are literally and figuratively 'losers.'

Life July 22, 2015

Study Shows Boys Want Better Female Representation In Video Games, Too

A new study shows that boys are just as interested in playing female characters in video games as girls, and that they think video games too often treat women as sex objects.

Geek July 10, 2015

London Mayor Sides With Tim Hunt On 'Sexism' Issue

London Mayor Boris Johnson defended Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt for his remark that many deemed as sexist. The Conservative MP said there's nothing wrong about the scientist pointing out a gender difference.

Life June 16, 2015

Stephen A. Smith Blames Women's World Cup Goal On Not Wanting To 'Mess Their Hair Up'

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is drawing criticism for blaming a goal during a Women' World Cup match on players not wanting to mess up their hair. The outspoken personality was speaking live on Sportscenter.

Movies/TV Shows June 12, 2015

Marvel Plans On Offering More Merchandise For Women... Featuring Male Characters

Marvel recently announced that its merchandising for 'Captain America: Civil War' will offer more products for women, although most of the items will still feature male characters.

Movies/TV Shows June 10, 2015

Girl's Complaint Gets Disney To Stop Selling Gender-Based Toys On Its UK Website

When 8-year-old Izzy Cornthwaite wrote a letter to Disney complaining about Darth Vader merchandise being categorized under 'boys,' she changed the world - or at least the UK Disney website.

Internet Culture June 5, 2015

Listening To Specific Sounds While Sleeping Can Reduce Race And Gender Biases

Unconscious social biases are still rampant in our society, but a new study suggests that sleep is an effective target for reversing them. Administering interventions during sleep produced significant, lasting effects.

Society May 29, 2015

Women Gamers Suffer From Stereotypes Based On Avatar Attractiveness

Women playing online games such as 'World of Warcraft' suffer from stereotypes based on the level of perceived attractiveness of their chosen avatar, as well as for choosing a male avatar.

Geek May 5, 2015

Joss Whedon: The First Clip From 'Jurassic World' Was '70's Era Sexist'

Everyone's excited about the return of the worst theme park ever, but when the first clip went online yesterday, not everyone was happy - most notably, 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' director Joss Whedon.

Movies/TV Shows April 10, 2015

Here's What Happened When A 12-Year-Old Girl Took On The Mobile Game Industry

After researching the shortage of free female characters in several mobile video games, 12-year-old Madeline Messer published her findings and shamed the game developers.

Geek April 9, 2015

Silicon Valley Sexism: Twitter, Facebook And Kleiner Perkins All Facing Lawsuits

Several discrimination cases have moved forward in their confrontation of Silicon Valley's overwhelming white and male status quo.

Legal March 23, 2015

Disney vs. Pixar Characters: Tumblr User Says They Look The Same

Tumblr post finds that Disney and Pixar films feature animated female characters with the same shape faces.

Internet Culture March 21, 2015

Newsweek Cover About Sexism in Silicon Valley Stirs Emotions, Gets Reactions (NOT Good Ones)

The latest Newsweek cover depicting a woman in a red dress, whose skirt is being lifted by a cursor, has sparked off ire online and is generating not very positive reactions from people on social media.

Business January 30, 2015

Men On The Internet Aren’t Convinced That There Is A Gender Bias In STEM

Although several research teams have released studies showing proof of gender bias in STEM-related fields, a new study shows that many men still don't believe that such bias exists and outright deny it.

Internet Culture January 9, 2015

There Is A Gender Bias Even In Online Academia

Does gender matter to online students? Apparently it does, at least according to a new study where students rated online instructors perceived to be male higher than instructors perceived to be female, even when that wasn't the case.

Internet Culture December 9, 2014

Sony Yanks PlayStation Vita Commercial After Sexism Outcry

Sony has quickly pulled an ad promoting the PlayStation Vita after it was accused of being sexist. The accusations come at the height of controversy surrounding sexism in the gaming industry.

Video Games November 24, 2014

TV Host Wears Same Suit For A Year In Protest Of Sexism

The 'Today' host wore the same knockoff Burberry suit with different shirts and ties for 365 days, in silent protest against the sexism his female colleagues constantly receive.

Internet Culture November 17, 2014

Old Navy Draws Criticism For Charging Women More For Plus-Size Clothing

A petition asking Old Navy to stop charging consumers more for plus-sizes has received over 35,000 signatures. In response to the petition, Gap Inc., the retailer's parent company, defended itself by saying that more fabric and designs means more money.

Internet Culture November 13, 2014

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