Super Bowl 2015 Predictions: Teddy Bear The Porcupine And Other Animals Pick The Winner


This Sunday is what every sports fan waits the entire year for: the Super Bowl. People go absolutely nuts for it. It's as if a spell is cast over the entire population for three hours, causing seemingly rational individuals to become hooting, cheering lunatics covered in nacho cheese and chili fixins.

The Super Bowl is a lot of fun with the right people, but every year, there are those who take the big game way too seriously, especially if they bet their savings on the outcome. But what happens when basing your Super Bowl predictions on the advice of sports analysts and ESPN talking heads just becomes too boring? Well, that's when weird things begin to happen. Over the past few years, using animals to predict the Super Bowl winner has become something of a staple in the sports world, despite the fact that those picking the teams have no concept of football, or even organized sports. Sometimes they don't even have thumbs.

That being said, who wouldn't want to watch a porcupine nibble on some corn in order to tell you who to bet your hard-earned money on? Here's this year's batch of animals making random Super Bowl predictions (we don't suggest betting the farm on what a porcupine thinks about the game, though):

Teddy Bear the Porcupine

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps a bit biased, considering there was a ton of extra corn in the Seahawks container...but that's one for Seattle!

Li Li the Giant Panda

Pick: New England Patriots

Sure, it's not the most scientific way to pick the Patriots, but it ends up with a panda bear wrapped up in a sheet, so it's adorable - and that's all that matters.

Winston the Psychic Dog

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

With only six seconds to show the pick, it's important to keep things concise...though it's likely that dog was far more hungry than psychic. Another for the Seahawks!

Puppy Bowl Puppy Predictions

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 

Let's be honest: nobody was really interested in the puppies picking Seattle. Everyone (including those who made the video) just wanted an excuse to watch a bunch of puppies being cute.

Watt the Penguin

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

True, there may be some species bias in play, but just like the last video, it was probably more about seeing a bunch of cute penguins hopping around than actually picking the Seahawks to win.

Bubbles the Elephant

Pick: New England Patriots

It seems as if Bubbles likes New England to win...then again, was anyone really going to argue with an elephant?

Phoenix Zoo Orangutans

Pick: New England Patriots

It may been a bit more...violent than anyone expected, but it's a pretty definitive way to pick the Patriots.

Sea Life Arizona Octopus

Pick: Seahawks

Strangely enough, the octopus pick seems to have become the 'traditional' animal pick, and this year, it's going to the Seahawks.

So, when all things are said and done, it seems as if the Animal Kingdom is firmly behind the Seattle Seahawks this year. In a weird way, it makes a lot of sense...even so, it's probably not the best idea to put down any bets based on what predictions the animals have made.

Super Bowl XLIX airs this Sunday on NBC.

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