It's been six months since Hollywood actor Robin Williams passed away, and now his children and widow are embroiled in a legal dispute over his estate.

Williams' third wife Susan Schneider (who he married in 2011) and three children from other marriages - Zak (from first wife Valerie Velardi), Cody and Zelda (from second wife Marsha Garces Williams) - are battling it out in the court for a number of items such as awards, photographs, toys, fossils etc.

Per a New York Times report, Schneider filed the lawsuit against the deceased actor's children at a California Superior Court in December 2014. The widow claimed that some property at the home was "unilaterally removed" from the premises "days after Mr. Williams' untimely death." The children, on the other hand, submitted their documents in response to the lawsuit in January 2015.

The actor's children revealed that they were "heartbroken" by the actions of their stepmother who was married to Williams for "less than three years." The documents also say that Schneider has "acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate."

The documents further allege that Schneider's appeal adds "insult to a terrible injury" and was an attempt at changing the actor's instructions and "prevent them from receiving what their father wanted them to receive."

Per Williams' will, the estate has been left to his three children in a trust. However, the actor's will calls for the creation of certain provisions to benefit Schneider who also has two teenage sons. The provisions include the setting up of a separate trust for the wife - the Susan Trust, which includes the home in Tiburon, California, as well as "all costs related to the residence."

However, Schneider's petition asks that the trust include all the expenses that are associated with the "daily upkeep as well as unexpected renovations and improvements."

The children have criticized Schneider for asking for additional funds even prior to the funding of the Susan Trust. The three claim in the documents that her act is reflective of greed which "appears to be driving petitioner's actions."

The hotly contested items include the late actor's personal effects such as the Oscar he won for his performance in "Good Will Hunting," the two Emmy awards, the six Golden Globes and five Grammy awards.

Williams' children are keen on resolving the matter "as quickly and efficiently as possible" so that they are able to grieve the demise of their father in private, as well as "heal from this tragic event."

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