Fox is finally pushing Deadpool into production after years of being on the ice. From all indications, the studio had no faith in the project despite the excitement of some employees and Ryan Reynolds himself. So what caused Fox to change its mind about the project?

If the man himself, Ryan Reynolds is to be believed, then the only reason we are bound to get a Deadpool movie in 2016 is because of the leaked footage. Fans of the character that saw the footage fell in love right away, and that gave Fox the push it needed to greenlight the film.

"The initial [leak] came from Fox they think - someone recorded the footage on their iPhone and then released it," Reynolds explained. "And then once that happened, somebody hacked into Blur Studios and got the original footage in high-res and put it online."


Reynolds went on to add that the core folks behind the animation wanted this film to be made, and thus they were planning to leak it three years ago. However, no one was willing to put their jobs on the line, which is why it took so long for us to see what was really going on behind closed doors.

It is safe to say right now that the leak was planned from the beginning. However, whoever did it made must have made sure Fox would never trace it back to him or her because despite the film finally being pushed into production, the leaker would have been fired either way.

Whatever the case may be, we view the leak as splendid news for Ryan Reynolds because he has the chance to kick his ailing career back into gear. It's been a long time since the actor has found himself in a hit movie, so this is something he needs to be successful. If it is, he will end up being a central part of the X-Men universe, and that should be seen as a great thing.

We have faith in Reynolds doing a great job as Deadpool, but we can't say the same for the film itself just yet.

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