Apple iPhone 6 And Molten Aluminum? You Know What Will Happen But Watch [Video]


You've seen him subject a number of brand new iPhone 6's to various methods of torture and eccentric pressure and stress tests. And now he's at it again! Ukranian TechRax has found yet another way to creatively annihilate his Apple device - by pouring molten aluminum over it.

The melting point of aluminum is 660.3 degrees centigrade. If you're imagining that liquid metal that hot would make nothing of an iPhone 6 in no time, you'd be absolutely correct. Still, it is quite a hypnotic beauty to behold watching the hot aluminum destroy the smartphone.

The aluminium glows orange in the mini kiln as TechRax demonstrates that the iPhone he will be using for the video is indeed an authentic, in perfectly good working condition, iPhone 6.

He lays the iPhone 6 down on a table and handles the melted aluminum carefully with a pair of tongs as he shakes it a bit to pour some of the hot metal onto the face of the phone.

A few blobs of aluminum fall onto the front of the smartphone and set a flame immediately. The iPhone 6 screen still displays the icons, however, even as feathery veins start to extend from the aluminum blobs and out.

At some point the screen even switches to World Clock settings and, although obviously dimmer and vertical lines beginning to appear, the iPhone is still working.

TechRax attempts to turn the iPhone 6 over to let the hot aluminum do its damage even further into the internal parts of the phone. When he turns it back over, the screen is darker, but wouldn't you know it, the World Clock screen is still faintly visible.

If the liquid aluminum didn't completely kill it, TechRax's attempts to remove the now-hardened blobs of metal from the phone certainly did. He bashes the front of the phone repeatedly in order to dislodge the metal, cracking and smashing the screen and the iPhone 6 in the process as well.

At the end of the video, TechRax takes a torch and turns it onto the back of the iPhone, ensuring the death of yet another Apple device to add to his expensive paperweight collection.

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