Computer and video games sure have come a long way since the first tennis-inspired game with two paddles and a bouncing ball between them, Pong. But with thousands of titles out in the market now, some names remain ever popular and continue to sell and appeal to gamers.

Check out this list of the best selling games of all time. Familiar names (such as a certain mushroom loving, Italian plumber, perhaps?) of course, dominate the list, and maybe a few surprises as well.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 20 million copies since Nov. 11, 2011

The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim relaunched the franchise as a non-direct sequel introducing players to a new world with dragons and more character development.

Mario Kart DS 23.3 million copies since Nov. 14, 2005 

The single-player racing game continues to be a hit because of its familiar characters, graphics, ease of game play, and replayability.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 24.8 million copies since Nov. 9, 2010

This seventh installment of the Call of Duty series broke the bank within 24 hours of it's release when it managed to sell 5.6 million copies on it's first day on the market.  That's "an estimated sell-through of more than $500 million worldwide," according to a statement that Activision Publishing, Inc. released at the time.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 27.5 million copies since Oct. 26, 2006

The violence and open-ended world of GTA is still a favorite among gamers who still find easter eggs hidden by the developers in the game even years after its release.

Super Mario Bros. Wii 27.8 million copies since Nov. 11, 2009

The plumbing brothers foray in the the world of Wii does not disappoint. Just like others in the Super Mario series, the franchise is a hit no matter what.

Wii Play 28.2 million copies since Feb. 12, 2007

To launch the new Wii console system, This set of nine games was released and designed to be played by one or two players. The bundle continues to be popular among those who like to keep moving to the Wii system.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 28.5 million since Nov. 10, 2009

Praised by critics for its in-depth multi-player component, Modern Warfare 2 earned numerous awards and continues to be a favorite in the series.

New Super Brothers 30.7 million copies since May 2006

The new Mario game retained the simplicity of the already-popular franchise but also improved upon the game's graphics and movements.

Wii Sports Resort 32.6 million copies since June 25, 2009

The new beach sports simulation game for the Wii was the first to be bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory.

Mario Kart Wii 34.3 million since April 2008

Using the Wii Wheel accessory, players can race as their favorite Super Mario character in single, mutli-player, and online modes.

Grand Theft Auto V 45 million copies since Sept. 17, 2013

Although much controversy surrounds the GTA series, there is no question that it will continue to dominate video game sales.

Minecraft 60 million since May 17, 2009

The retro-styled building game has won critical acclaim and is even being used to teach programming in schools.

Wii Sports 82.9 million since Nov. 19, 2006

Although it was the first set of five sports simulations sold to introduce the market to the new Wii console, it remains a steady popular hit and was declared the second-highest selling game of all time as of 2013.


Tetris 143 million since June 6, 1984

The classic from Russia is a favorite for all and is the only stand-alone title to break the 100 million mark in sales.

Pokemon 270.8 million since Feb. 27, 1996

Beginning as two humble games for Game Boy, fans all over the world gotta catch 'em all, making it one of the most profitable game franchises ever.

Super Mario 297.88 million since Sept. 13, 1985

Core franchise of the Super Mario series it seems that no matter what Mario touches turns to gold.

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