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Ubisoft's New ‘Just Dance’ Game Is Coming… To Nintendo Wii

Heads up, Nintendo Wii owners: 'Just Dance 2019' is coming to your console. It’s also coming to other supposedly retired platforms, including the Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii U.

Video Games June 12, 2018

'New Super Mario Bros.' And More Nintendo Wii Games Will Be Available On Nvidia Shield In China

'New Super Mario Bros.' and other Nintendo Wii games will be available on the Nvidia Shield once the Android-powered set-top box is rolled out in China. Will the titles also arrive to other Android devices?

Video Games December 6, 2017

Texas Jury Orders Nintendo To Pay iLife $10 Million For Patent Infringement: Nintendo Disagrees, Calls Patent ‘Invalid’

Nintendo has been handed $10 million in damages that it must pay to iLife for reportedly infringing its patent. The verdict says the motion-sensing technology on the Nintendo Wii is an application of iLife’s technology.

Video Games September 1, 2017

Playing Video Games Can Help Boost Memory And Prevent Dementia In Elderly People: Study

A study revealed that physically intensive video games helped increase memory and brain functions among the elderly. It was reported that physical activity through these games was more beneficial than ordinary exercise and activity among elderly.

Public Health May 4, 2017

This Gamer Has A Complete Wii Collection, And It Looks Amazing

Aaron Norton has unveiled a complete collection for the Nintendo Wii, which was a very successful console for Nintendo. The collection includes 1,262 games and all variants of the Nintendo Wii and its Wiimotes.

Video Games January 30, 2017

Nintendo President Says New Console NX Is In Development, Calls It Departure From Wii And Wii U

Tatsumi Kimishima promises the company will take gamers far away from the experience the WIi and Wii U established.

Geek December 3, 2015

Is Apple TV The Next Nintendo Wii? Not Quite

Apple TV may look like a gaming console, but Apple has a long way to go before it can truly compete with companies like Nintendo.

Geek September 10, 2015

Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker Wii U Premium Pack And 8-Bit Mario Amiibo For Sept. 11 Release

Nintendo Europe is marking the 30th anniversary of Super Mario with the release of Super Mario Maker. It comes in three different versions along with a new amiibo to add to your collection.

Video Games July 23, 2015

Not Familiar With 'Splatoon'? Meet The Cute Characters Of This Wii U Shooter Game

Meet the characters of the adorable Wii Shooter Spatoon.

Geek May 29, 2015

Xbox One Beats PS4 As Best-Selling Console In April, Mortal Kombat X Tops Video Game Charts

Microsoft edges out Sony for the win in console sales, which is surprising since there’s no price drop or hot new bundle this time.

Video Games May 15, 2015

15 Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time

Familiar video games which have dominated the market.

Geek February 13, 2015

Hold on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Wii Might Just Try to Catch Up

The PlayStation 4 may have initially led the sales for a while but the situation showed some changes over the holiday season. Xbox One had successfully regained the lead in the U.S. while the Wii U’s fortunes have also improved.

Video Games January 5, 2015

Video Game Pioneer Ralph Baer Dies at 92: The Brown Box Technology Inspired the Magnavox Odyssey

Ralph Baer, widely known as the father of the video game, passed away on Saturday. Baer’s Brown Box is seen as the predecessor to all video game consoles, including the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii.

Video Games December 8, 2014

Is Wii the next MS therapy tool?

People suffering from unsteadiness due to multiple sclerosis begin to regain their balance when they train with Wii balance boards, according to a new study. After a bit of supervised training, the balance board therapy can be practiced at home.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 27, 2014

Nintendo's Miyamoto views 'passive attitude' of casual gamers as 'pathetic'

The man behind such iconic Nintendo franchises like 'Super Mario Bros.' and 'The Legend of Zelda' says in a new interview that he views the attitudes of 'passive' game players as 'kind of a pathetic thing.'

Geek August 27, 2014

Multiple sclerosis patients may benefit from video games. Here's how

Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis saw improvements in their balance after playing video games using the Nintendo Wii Balance Board for up to 40 minutes per day, five days a week.

Life August 27, 2014

MS patients find balance in Wii games: Fun with a dose of neural plasticity

Researchers have found a way to use the Wii balance board to help patients with multiple sclerosis. Ongoing use of the balance board is needed to maintain the helpful changes via neural plasticity.

Life August 26, 2014

Wii Balance Board proven to improve balance in MS patients

The Wii Balance Board was once all the rage among exercise enthusiasts, but its star has faded in favor of newer technologies. One neurologist has found a new use for it: fighting multiple sclerosis.

Internet Culture August 26, 2014

There are more adult women gamers than teen boys

Women are playing more games on computers, consoles and smartphones. The demographic of adult women gamers has increased more than males 18 and younger. Males still dominate the demographic as a whole, but developers are beginning to target more women gamers.

Geek August 25, 2014

UK court finds Nintendo Wii infringing on Philips hand gestures, motion patents

Patent woes: Nintendo Wii has infringed on hand gesture and motion tracking system patents filed by Philips. This is bad timing as the Nintendo Wii U gets a bump in sales.

Business Tech June 22, 2014

UK court rules Nintendo Wii infringed on Philips patent

Nintendo's E3 momentum may be dampened by loss in court against Philips Electronics. Nintendo stated its intent to appeal a UK High Court's judgment that the gesture and motion controls employed in the Wii console infringes on patents held by Philips.

Legal June 20, 2014

Sony PS4 leading the gaming resurgence wave

Sony beat out rival Microsoft for top gaming platform in May, for the fifth straight month. It also shows that gaming appears to be getting new traction in the market.

Video Games June 17, 2014

Nintendo earnings nosedives: RIP Wii U?

Nintendo sees earnings in the red for the third consecutive year. It has shown the company needs to make some major changes.

Business Tech May 8, 2014

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