What if Marvel's Ghost Rider featured a cast of several Riders engaged in endless, lethal races, Road Warrior-style?

Mega-event Secret Wars and its mashed-up Battleworld is giving Marvel a chance to do change things up in wildly creative ways, and Ghost Racers is one of many series being birthed out of it. Secret Wars, in case you haven't heard, is a planet made up of various alternate realities from the Marvel Universe as well as "event" miniseries of years past. Marvel is using Secret Wars to form a brand new universe and reboot its entire comic line.

We don't know which of Battleworld's 40+ nation-like zones Ghost Racers takes place in, but it sounds crazy enough to be an absolute blast. In it, various characters who've carried the mantle of "Spirit of Vengeance," aka Ghost Rider, duel each other in Death Race-like road battles. Put simply: It's Ghost Rider meets Mad Max: Fury Road.

Written by Felipe Smith (who currently writes All-New Ghost Rider) and drawn by Juan Gedeon, Ghost Racer features characters both familiar and new, with all four Ghost Riders of the past (Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Alejandra Blaze and Robbie Reyes) sharing space with many others, most of which are new to the franchise — though some could be characters fans already know, with new appearances.

Marvel says that Ghost Racers is set along "the scorching hot track of the most popular arena on Battleworld," but no one's saying what part of Battleworld the track is located in. Anything goes in the Ghost Races, since the Riders are supernaturally bound to the arena. Winners earn temporary freedom from the Arena, while losers... Well, Marvel considers that a spoiler too good to share.

Say, did you notice that one of the Riders on the cover is a centaur? A centaur! You can see more of him below. Ghost Racers #1 goes on sale in May 2015, but here's a first look at art from the first issue. Click on any image for a closer look.


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