Nothing says I love you like a box of digital chocolates. Google's new Google Doodles for Valentine's Day let users send digital chocolates, listen to real love stories, share digital cards and even post love photos covered in heart-shaped confetti.

Google went all out for Valentine's Day this year. The first Google Doodle to capture hearts on Valentine's Day was Google's digital chocolate box. Once you click on the doodle, you can make your own chocolate box by choosing different ingredients to combine. There are sweet ingredients like chocolate, strawberries, sprinkles and more, but there are also less tasty choices like salt that you can send if you're a Valentine's Day Grinch.

It's sort of like a lottery, because Google surprises you with which chocolate it chooses to put in your box. This just proves that Forrest Gump was right: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." As soon as your chocolates are ready, Google offers to share the box for you via Google+, Facebook or Twitter. When you open the box, the ribbon unfurls to read, "Happy Valentine's Day!" Then Google prompts you to "eat" your digital chocolates. 

Google is also encouraging users to share the love with Disney cards. You pick a frame from a couple different Disney animation movies and send it to your loved one. The card asks for the name and email address of the recipient, your name and email address and a brief message. Then the card is sealed and sent to your loved one. There are cards for friends, lovers or family members. One shows two Disney mice toasting marshmallows over a camp fire, while another shows two who've found love at first sight.

The second Google Doodle that you'll find features the Valentine sweetheart candies. The hearts read, "Crush," "First Kiss," "Mr. Right," "4ever Yours," "Puppy Love" and "Blind Date." When you click on each one, it plays a real love story from "This American Life." The stories are beautiful and inspiring. If you enjoy a good love story, you'll find yourself listening to all of them. Some are simply romantic, others touching or nostalgic. In addition, Google will also sprinkle heart-shaped confetti on pictures of your loved ones that you post on Google+.

For those who have Valentines, Google is giving you a reminder to cherish what you have. For those who don't, Google is reminding you that true love does exist and it takes different forms. 

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