T-Mobile just launched a page where customers can view if their handset is about to get an update, is being tested for the update by the carrier, or is ready to receive and install an update. It also shows some of the devices that are currently prepping up to deliver a software update. These include devices from Samsung, HTC and Google (Nexus).

The T-Mobile software update page features a timeline that allows customers to view the details of the update process and learn which part of it has been accomplished in their devices. The whole update process includes three stages: Manufacturer Development, T-Mobile Testing and Completed. In stage 1, an agreement was made between T-Mobile and the device manufacturer to pursue with a new software update. T-Mobile Testing means that the device is undergoing a T-Mobile certification process testing which assures customers that the software they are getting is of the best quality possible. The last stage, Completed, states when the software update has been approved for launching and ready to be accessed.

"Once the update is available your device will provide a notification that the update is available with direction on how to download it," said T-Mobile in the new software update page. "You do not need to contact T-Mobile or the manufacturer. Customer Service uses the same information that customers can access online. Not all devices will be listed on this page for future software updates."

By clicking on a phone that was listed on the page, customers are redirected to a detailed page which shows the particulars on the most current software version available. Customers will know if their device is up to date or if it's getting an update soon. Furthermore, customers can access a tutorial on the page where they can get detailed information on how to trigger an update by themselves if it hasn't appeared yet.

T-Mobile's new software update page is the carrier's move to keep customers informed. The company hopes that the page will at least make customers less confused and feel more at ease simply by knowing when their devices are getting the latest features.

"Software improvements are a long process, which require a partnership between the software developer, the device manufacturer, and T-Mobile," said T-Mobile on the page. "After initial software is developed, the device manufacturer works with T-Mobile to customize the software, including changes for your device hardware, the T-Mobile wireless radios, and applications."

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