T-Mobile has launched the SCORE! program, a new way to allow more customers to acquire the smartphone that they desire and another first in the industry.

T-Mobile announced the new program through a press release, stating that members of SCORE! can unlock premium deals on every smartphone that the Un-carrier sells.

Customers of T-Mobile will be able to join SCORE! starting today for only a $5 monthly fee. After being part of the program for six months, members will automatically be qualified to acquire an entry-level smartphone for free. Then, after being part of SCORE! for twelve months, members will be able to gain access to offers on all the smartphones that T-Mobile is selling, including the latest 4G LTE smartphones.

According to T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere, SCORE! is a new approach by the company to lower the costs for consumers in acquiring their next smartphones.

"And, it's yet another breakthrough improvement over the old-school carriers' restrictive service contracts, hidden subsidy costs and slooooow upgrades," Legere added, criticizing the practices of rival companies such as AT&T and Verizon.

While traditional wireless carriers have made it very difficult for customers to purchase the smartphone that they really want and for the customers to know exactly how much they'll be paying for the devices, the SCORE! program was crafted with the idea of flexibility and choice for customers. For example, based on the prices currently available, a SCORE! member that has been in the program for six months will now be eligible to acquire smartphones such as the Alcatel Onetouch Evolve 2 for free. A SCORE! member that has been in the program for twelve months, on the other hand, will now be eligible to acquire the LG Optimus L90 LTE smartphone for free, or the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy S5 for only $150, compared to its full price of $609.60.

The SCORE! program is open to all T-Mobile customers, including those that have just signed up on the company's recently launched Simply Prepaid plans, which means that the program is open to both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

The launching of the SCORE! program comes just after T-Mobile announced the similarly unorthodox Smartphone Equality initiative, which will allow customers with poor credit scores to gain access to deals that have only been previously offered to customers with great credit scores

Under the Smartphone Equality Initiative, all T-Mobile customers that have paid their bills on time for 12 consecutive months will automatically qualify for all the premium deals that the company offers.

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