This week, CBS released the first official photos of actress Melissa Benoist in costume as Supergirl. You can see it below.

These kinds of reveals are extremely delicate and more important than you might think. Particularly for these kinds of existing characters that people are eager to see interpreted properly on-screen, first impressions are everything. Case in point: remember that horrendous Wonder Woman costume Adrienne Palicki was made to wear for the proposed Wonder Woman series for NBC? It was so awful that reactions on social media pretty much singlehandedly scuttled the show before it ever aired.

One star that gets this all too well is Stephen Amell, star of The CW's Arrow. After seeing Benoist's costume reveal online Friday, Amell hopped on Facebook and shared a story from his own costume's first public appearance. If not for a last-minute save by his on-screen love interest, it could have turned out very differently.

In Amell's own words:

"The photo is examined, approved... given a little panache from the DC team and set for release. I remember everyone being really happy with it and wanting to show it off to people working on the pilot. Which led to one of our producers showing it to Katie Cassidy... She immediately pointed out a glaring problem. The angle of the photo and the placement of my bow made it appear as though I was maybe a little TOO excited about wearing the Arrow suit. She was right. It definitely looked like I had an erection."

Needless to say, alterations were made before the photo was released, which received a very positive response. The final photo released was this one:

Amell's full story is much longer, so here it is if you'd like to read it in its entirety.

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