The superhero lineup of CW looks like it is getting bigger, as the network is reportedly looking to launch a star-studded spinoff that will feature characters from the popular and currently running series Arrow and The Flash, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter.

The creators of Arrow, namely Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, are the ones behind the spinoff project, which would put together Arrow's Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer and The Atom, with Caity Lotz, whose character in Arrow, Sara Lance or Canary, died during the current season. It was not clear if Lotz would be coming back as a revived character or if she would be sporting a new identity.

Also reportedly in the spinoff are Wentworth Miller of The Flash, who played Leonard Snart or Captain Cold, and Victor Garber, who played Dr. Martin Stein, one half of the villain Firestorm.

Routh is a new character in Arrow this season, playing Ray Palmer, a billionaire inventor that debuted as The Atom recently. Lotz's Canary played an important role in team Arrow for the second season but was killed early on in the third and current season.

Miller, who plays Captain Cold, was a memorable villain in The Flash as he has proven to be one of the superhero's toughest adversaries. Garber's Stein, on the other hand, was recently on the show as one-half of the destructive force known as Firestorm.

In addition, three more characters from the DC universe that have never been seen on either Arrow or The Flash will be playing significant roles in the spinoff.

The series of crossover episodes between Arrow and The Flash this season have been successful, which may have prompted the decision to launch the spinoff. It is also possible that other characters aside from the ones mentioned could make appearances in the new show, which is being described as a "superhero team-up series."

The show is currently in the early development stage. However, with the potential star power of the series and the massive success of the creative team that will be behind the spinoff, the show could be on air as soon as the next midseason.

The project was first teased during the Television Critics Association press tour in January, when the series was revealed as a spinoff that would feature Routh's character The Atom.

The new show comes even as Kreisberg and Berlanti are currently preparing a new series featuring Supergirl, which has a commitment for a series at CBS.

DC has found success on TV, as Arrow and The Flash are joined by Fox's Gotham as popular shows based on characters from the DC universe.

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