Google has decided to allow more Android devices to download its new Google Now Launcher.

In an attempt to separate itself from the smartphone crowd, Google launched its flagship Nexus 5 in October 2013 and the smartphone shipped with an exclusive launcher that was pretty familiar to Moto X and Verizon DROID users. The Nexus 5 was an impressive smartphone, but the handset's launcher was something that intrigued many Android fans. Within days, files were leaked, which allowed users to unofficially get a taste of one of the Nexus 5's best features on their smartphone. The launcher is fast and responsive on almost all Android phones because Google wanted Android 4.4 KitKat to run just as fast and smooth as it does on high-end devices to low-end devices.

Google has now finally opened up and has decided to release the Nexus 5's exclusive launcher to Google Play edition devices and Nexus smartphones and tablets. Google has added Google Now Launcher to the Play Store and it's available for free and worth a download.

The Google Now Launcher is fast and listens for your voice, in a similar way the Moto X does. Simply say, "Ok, Google" followed by a command; you can now have your smartphone work for you without having to touch it. You'll be able to set reminders, send texts, search and faster than ever before.

Here’s a run down of what you can expect from the Google Now Launcher:

• Google Now on your home screen - it's easier than ever to get just the right information at just the right time.
• Just say "Ok Google" - when you're on your home screen, just say "Ok Google" to trigger voice input. Then say your search query. Or tell your phone what to do, like send a text message, get directions or play a song (available in the U.S., U.K. and Canada).
• Faster search - tap the search box and you can enter your query immediately.
• Easy access to your favorite Google products and services, like Gmail, YouTube and Maps.
• Larger viewing area - the status and navigation bars are now translucent, so your wallpaper pops from every pixel, and is even visible when you expand your apps drawer (when supported by device).
• Intuitive wallpaper picker - select any image that's stored on your device, or in the cloud. Position and preview your wallpaper before you set it.

The Google Now Launcher can breathe some new life into some older devices and bring some features to older handsets. You can take the Google Now Launcher out for a spin here.

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