Guile's theme is a long-running joke on the web.

The iconic piece of music for Street Fighter's most American warrior seems to be the perfect theme for any occasion, which makes it ripe to be chosen as Animation Domination High-Def's latest entry in its "Songs You Didn't Know Had Lyrics" series.

To describe what follows as strange doesn't do the short cartoon justice. Watch it below, but be warned, there is some NSFW language.

Yes, this is an entire song about Guile shaving his eyebrows off. It sounds utterly random at first, until you come to the horrific realization -- Guile really doesn't have eyebrows. A quick Google image search brings up countless images of Guile and his beautiful blonde flat-top, but not a single one shows him with any hair resting above his eyes.

Has anybody noticed this before now? It's such an easy thing to overlook, but once you see his complete lack of eyebrows it's impossible to unsee. But why? Ryu has eyebrows. Chun-Li has eyebrows. What happened to Guile's?

Guile often wears sunglasses. Is this to hide his shame at being brow-less? Maybe instead of shaving them off on a regular basis, Guile simply can't grow eyebrow hair. Or perhaps he shaves his eyebrow hair in order to make him more aerodynamic, increasing the force of his signature flash kick and sonic boom techniques.

Or maybe I'm just struggling with the fact that I've played Street Fighter for years and never once noticed that something was missing from Guile's face. Capcom, the world needs answers.

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