The biggest sneak peek yet in to Street Fighter 5 was revealed at the Capcom Cup in San Francisco over the weekend. An extended game play trailer, and the reveal of a familiar face as a new character to play were the highlights of the announcement.

As was previously announced during PlayStation Experience last week, the new game will only be made available for PS4 and Window PC's and gamers will be able to play cross-platfrom once it's online. However, the game will still be a packaged game and not a free-to-play game as some speculated.

The gameplay preview featured a six minute long match between Ryu and Chun-li. The game was commentated on by James Chen and David "Ultradavid" Philip Graham who analyzed the new game on-the-fly.

New moves, power stances, and ultra combos wowed the audience and some gags involving a bowl of noodles had them laughing out loud. Although the game still feels very familiar at first glance, it was clear from this first sneak peak, that major changes are going on behind the scenes. And so far, players like what they see.

When the Capcom Tournament was over, producer Yoshinori Ono, came up on the stage dressed up as Charlie Nash as he appeared in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995.

Ono made the special announcement that Nash would finally return to the game in Street Fighter 5 with a completely revamped look revealed in a cameo after the video for the teaser trailer finishes.

"We've been hard at work at Street Fighter 5, and we promise this product will be the one that brings fighting games into the next era. This will be a huge step for us and our community," Ono said.

Although the game still does not have a set release date, the preview of the gameplay during the Tournament shows that the developers are on the right track.

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