If you want to see some of the most famous paintings of all time, you don't have to visit an art museum. In fact, you don't even have to leave your computer.

Google just released a new Chrome extension that allows you to see works from the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas and Claude Monet every time you open up a new tab in your browser. The Chrome extension pulls images from Google's Art Project, which enables you to get up close and personal with thousands of masterpieces from cultural institutions all over the world. Landscapes, still lifes and depictions of historical scenes will now greet you just before you open up Facebook. How cool is that?

But in case fine art isn't your jam, there's plenty of other Chrome extensions available to jazz up your browser tabs. Here are the 11 best.

1. Exposure New Tab

See the world from the comfort of your desk chair by installing this Google Chrome extension, which gives you a new photo from photo narrative site Exposure. The only bad part is you'll be wishing your photos looked half as good as these do.

2. Infinity New Tab

This Chrome extension gives you some sleek, new icons to easily check out the weather, navigate to your Gmail or do 200 other functions. You can also choose from 35,000 HD wallpapers to make each tab look even prettier.

3. animatedTabs

If your day sometimes feels a little long and boring, this Chrome extension is sure to perk you right up. Every time you open up a new tab, you'll get to see a GIF. Some of them are more NSFW than others, so you might want to reserve this Chrome extension for your home computer.

4. Dribble New Tab

This Chrome extension showcases the best that Dribble, an online showcase for designers, has to offer. Every time you open up a new tab, you'll get to see the amazing work that the Dribble community is creating. Who knows? You may even get inspired to make your own creation.

5. Cat Tab

An adorbz photo of a cat every time you open up a new tab? Say no more.

6. Dream Afar New Tab

This Chrome extension definitely lives up to its name. Click to open up a new tab, and you'll get a photo of a dreamy landscape that is sure to give you a little slice of serenity.

7. Minimal New Tab Clock

If you're one of those people that needs a little help in the time management department, this Chrome extension is for you. It's nothing fancy. You'll just get an analog or digital clock every time you open up a new tab, but there is power in its simplicity.

8. xkcd - New Tab Page

OK, so this Chrome extension isn't the fanciest, but it's probably the funniest. Each new tab brings you a basic blue background with an xkcd comic in the center. Unfortunately, this Chrome extension will probably also kill your productivity.

9. Figure it Out

I never really got the appeal of looking at various time zones around the world, but this Chrome extension has convinced me of its merits. You can look at up to 10 time zones at once, all displayed on a lovely gradient.

10. Random Fact - New Tab

Every day is rife with significant events in world history. If you want to become a trivia master, download this Chrome extension that gives you a random fact about this day in history, and you will know all.

11. Justin Bieber New Tab

This Google Chrome extension is pretty self-explanatory. You'd use it ironically, of course.

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