Microsoft is keeping a steady stream of updates and improvements coming to the Xbox One with its latest update for the game console. The update improves achievement notifications and party chat and makes it easier to access game hubs.

Achievements on Xbox One work much like they did on the Xbox 360 — accomplish a feat in a game and a notification appears on your screen, telling you the achievement you earned and the gamer score associated with it. However, if you wanted to know what you did to earn an achievement, you had to open up the Xbox One achievement app to do so.

That's changing with the April update. A brief description telling you what you did to earn an achievement will now appear along with the achievement notification. If you decide to open the notification and go to the Achievement app to learn more, Microsoft's Major Nelson says the April update will speed up load times for the app when being opened from a notification.

Troubleshooting for party chat is also coming in the April update. The party app will now help notify you if network problems or your privacy settings are preventing you from connecting with other party members.

Next month's update will also add more links to game hubs within activity feed items as well as links to game hubs from a specific game's achievement page.

The update is being rolled out in two waves for Xbox One Preview members. If you find yourself in the preview program, you'll be able to try out some of these improvements for yourself right now. The next wave of the update will appear for Preview members next week with additional features. Non-preview members will be receiving these improvements sometime in April. Last month's update added the ability to capture screen shots, the ability to report spam and a number of additional voice chat improvements. You can read about the March update here.

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