You might have thought that hip hop and wrestling have nothing in common, but last night rapper Snoop Dogg stole the show when he brought out Hulk Hogan and hilariously flexed his muscles beside him.

Snoop made a cameo as a special guest star during Monday Night Raw, hyping fans up for Sunday's Wrestlemania, and nothing could have gotten the crowd more riled up than having WWE legend Hulk Hogan enter the ring.

Snoop came out with a handful of divas as he danced and walked his way to the ring, and began promoting Wrestlemania when Curtis Axel cut him off and started talking trash.

"What you wanna talk about? Axelmania, Snoopmania, Wrestlemania," Snoop asked. "But you see, there is one thing you're missing, and that's the most important mania of them all–this one."

That is when Hogan came out with his bleached mustache, said "brother" a few times, and reminded us all that Hulkamania is still alive and strong.

It's hilarious to see the slim rapper standing besides the bulky men, but Snoop proved he can hang with Hogan when he actually throws Axel out of the ring. After ripping off his shirt, Snoop made sure to keep the audience going and flexed with Hogan, showing off his "six-inch pythons."


While many die-hard wrestling fans can’t wait for Wrestlemania on Sunday, today the internet can’t stop talking about - and watching - Snoop flexing with the Hulkster. Watch it for yourself below.

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Photo: ZprohetMMA | YouTube

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