Things haven't been going well for Oliver Queen. It's hard to be a crime-fighting vigilante while assassin body doubles are knocking off the city's government officials one-by-one, after all.

Following the events of last week's episode, things are about to get rough for Arrow: sure, he's fought off plenty of bad guys by now, but the entire Star City Police Department is something else entirely.

As such, CW may have released the most action-packed teaser for the show to date.

It's not an especially long teaser, but it really doesn't have to be: a few red-and-blue lights and a siren are all you need to see and hear before you know what's going to happen:

That may have been the most fast-paced twenty seconds ever to debut on television in recent memory.

It's basically a montage of every cop-chases-superhero scenario ever: there's an overly-ambitious police officer, the hero announcing that the cops won't take him in, cop cars chasing the hero down and a final confrontation between the hero and the main police officer. There aren't any real spoilers, but it does feel like much of the episode's already been shown off - it's a cop-chases-superhero episode, and there wasn't much left to the imagination.

On top of all that, there's still the Atom to deal with: Queen may have convinced Ray that he wasn't behind the murders (for now), but fans have already seen how far the Atom will go in the name of 'justice' - if Queen is on the run from the police, who says the Atom won't try to take him in for a second time?

It won't be long before fans find out: the next episode of Arrow, "Public Enemy," will air April 1 on the CW.

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