Ah, April Fools' Day — it's either the worst holiday ever, a reminder to do your taxes or a 24-hour excuse to prank anyone and everyone. In the age of the Internet, April Fools' Day has become synonymous with ridiculously fake news stories, media pranks and completely over-the-top attempts at humor.

Pranks in movies and TV shows can come in many shapes in sizes, but there's one constant: something will go wrong. It's almost inevitable — regardless of how innocent the prank is.

In honor of the holiday, we lined up five of the best pranks gone wrong — so sit back, relax and hope that none of these things end up happening to you.

"Wildcard, b****es!"

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Whether or not Charlie actually knows what a prank is remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: as soon Charlie was named the "wildcard" of the group, everyone else was doomed.

It wasn't until the end of the episode, as the gang was driving a van filled to the brim with barrels of gasoline, that Charlie finally pulled the wildcard — by cutting the van's brakes, kicking the back door open and diving to safety. Cue one of the best quotes of the entire show and a giant, fiery explosion.

The Worst Beer Ever

The Simpsons

Everyone knows just how disastrous a shaken beer can be. All you want is a something cold and refreshing — instead, you get a foamy mess and a wasted drink.

That usually happens because someone dropped the can — most people wouldn't stick a beer in a paint mixer, then leave it for someone to open. Unfortunately for Homer, that's exactly what Bart did — though the results were probably a bit more explosive than a nine-year-old would have guessed.

Hot Peppers

Dumb and Dumber

Ever have one of your "friends" drop a hot pepper in your sandwich or put Tabasco in your drink? It's hardly a prank, and far from funny — but it's usually harmless. After all, it's not like anyone died!

Well, that's exactly what happened in Dumb and Dumber, the only movie in the franchise worth watching. Take a sandwich, fill it up with atomic peppers, then mix it all together with an ulcer and an accidental dose of rat poison — and you've got a perfect example of why you should never put spicy food in another person's meal. Ever.

"I've drawn you a bath, sir."

Batman: The Animated Series

Relatively speaking, Alfred's April Fools' prank is extremely tame. In fact, it's just a really bad pun. So why is it on the list?

Firstly, any joke made by Alfred is comedy gold. Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. did a fantastic job playing the butler, and Alfred's dry comedic style is perfect.

Secondly, remember who Alfred is pranking — not only is he playing a joke on his boss, billionaire Bruce Wayne, he's also pranking Batman. Most people who try something like that end up in prison or nursing a couple of broken ribs.

Prom Night

Carrie (1976)

The other entries on this list are from comedies, but a surprising number of horror films start off with a prank gone wrong. There's a reason for that, and that reason is Carrie.

Sure, Carrie was dealing with a lot of stuff by the time the movie's finale rolled around, but being drenched in pig's blood in front of her entire school was the last straw. It awakened latent psychic powers within Carrie, who then took it out on the entire school with a mix of fire and telekinesis. It's an iconic horror movie moment and the ultimate prank gone wrong.

Honorable Mention:

The Stop-n-Pop Halloween Scare

Sure, it's not from a movie, but it's too good to pass up. This is why jump scares don't work in real life, people.

Look, April Fools' Day can be a lot of fun — when it's done right. If, when planning a prank, there's a chance that someone could end up in the hospital, then it's probably best not to do it.

Unless you're Alfred. Then you can do anything you want.

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