In the cats vs. dog debate, many pet owners believe dogs are superior because they know how to perform tricks. But never let it be said that cats can't learn a thing or two.

Take for example this one woman who taught her cats how to communicate by using sign language. Signing cats? Yep, this is probably one of the best cat videos we've seen in a while.

Kim Silva, a retired teacher from the American School for the Deaf, wanted to adopt a cat after losing her feline friend in 2009. Silva and her husband John fell in love with a white Siamese cat named Bambi on Petfinder who was deaf.

Since the couple, who are both hard of hearing themselves, already have two cats, Silva decided to teach her pets sign language so that they all would be able to communicate with her when Bambi would arrive at her Connecticut home from a rescue shelter in Texas.

"Guess I missed the kiddies so I began teaching the kitties," Silva says.

Silva started teaching her two cats named Bobcat and Bear sign language, which resulted in opposite outcomes. Bobcat learned the language quickly, going from a cat who only communicated with other cats to becoming an extrovert who loves showing off his skills. Bear, on the other hand, was older and since you can't teach an old dog new tricks, he did not pick up the skills at all.

After Bear passed away in 2013, another cat named Thomasina joined the family and began using sign language like the rest of them.

Bambi, too, was able to pick up sign language, Silva showing off their skills in a YouTube video filmed by her son-in-law.

Well the cats can't really perform signs. They can however, understand the signs Silva presents to them and follows her instructions. They cats know words like "sit," "come," "high-five," "circle," "shrimp," and "dance."

Bambi however, knows how to sign to play ball by stretching up to tap Silva's hand. She hopes that her cats will one day be able to sign when they are hungry.

Watch the cats use sign language to the video below.

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Photo: Tim O'Donnell | YouTube

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