Before Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits the silver screen next month, the Marvel super hero has conquered Microsoft's gaming console first - well, at least, the Skype for Xbox One.

The company rolled out Friday the first update to Skype for Xbox One and introduced a number of new features. One of these changes include the introduction of Captain America emoticons concurrent their release on the desktop version of the messaging tool.

"Skype chat now has new "hidden heroes" emoticons based on characters from Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier to convey even more action-packed emotion with your Skype friends. These limited-edition emoticons will also be coming to Skype for Xbox One," Skype announced on its blog.

Gamers who might be expecting that they can Skype while enjoying their favorite video games might be disappointed since the latest update does not introduce that. Instead, it addresses the basics.

The changes made by the company primarily aim to enhance the chat experience for users. Those who keep their Skype accounts online on almost all platforms do not have to worry now about missed messages. The latest update ensures that conversations are synchronized on the computer, smartphone, and Xbox One.

"Improved chat is now synchronized and comes with push notifications, alerting you when a new message arrives, and providing a longer chat history - up to 1,000 messages, rather than just the past seven days," the company stated.

Responding to feedback of its users Since Xbox One's release in November, Microsoft implemented fixes to known bugs. The manufacturer encourages users of Skype for Xbox One to continue sending in their feedback so problems can be swatted out of the system quickly and more efficiently.

The gaming console's Skype now also has a contact filtering feature. Gamers will no longer have to scroll through their friends list as those who are online can be filtered to show while hiding those who are offline.

Microsoft also released a Skype for Xbox One tutorial for newbies that may not be familiar with how the video calling tool works.

The Xbox One has been struggling against its archrival PlayStation 4 of Sony. With its sticker price $100  more expensive than PS4, there are speculations that the Xbox One might fall behind by as much as six million units against the PS4 by the end of March. As of February, the PS4 has sold over 5.3 million units.

The company is banking on the release of the Titanfall. The company believes that the latest game title by Electronic Arts can be a game changer that will boost the numbers of the Xbox One. The game will be released exclusively by Microsoft on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows. The creators of the game, while relatively new, have a proven track record in the form of a popular franchise Call of Duty. 

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