Most of us are still wondering if humans are the only beings in our vast universe. Nobody can prove it. But nobody can disprove it as well.

An  unexplained periodic radio bursts from space have baffled astronomers and scientists in the past decade. The eruption of these radio waves approximately 5.5 billion light years away from Earth, and just lasting a few milliseconds,  is a very important step for astronomers- mainly because they were able to record it in the first place.

A new study, conducted by a scientific team at the Institute for Data Analysis in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, has concluded only two most likely possible outcomes: a modern cosmic phenomenon or aliens sending communication signals.

There have already been 11 radio signal bursts. The first phenomenon of these very short, very intense radio blasts were discovered after astronomers saw an unusual peak in data from the Parkes Radio Telescope back in 2007. The last signal was captured in 2011. Astronomers have focused on time dispersion parameters between the radio signal's high and low frequencies, and the difference in each instance was a puzzling multiple of 187.5.

If these radio bursts are natural as initially theorized by scientists, then  it could be remnants of a supernova explosion. However, these types of explosions emit huge amounts of light in other wavelengths and so far,  no other wavelengths  were measured. 

Michael Hippke, coauthor of the astronomical paper, quoted to the Huffington Post Science department that "it is likely not produced by something like a supernova explosion, all frequencies leave the nova at the same time, and the DM [dispersion measure] is created by dust crossing. As the amount of dust varies, the DM would seem random." Basically, think about dispersion measure as representing the number of free electrons between us and the pulsar per unit area. A pulsar is an extraterrestrial source of radiation that has a regular periodicity, usually detected in the form of short bursts of radio emission.

So it is not far-fetched that the signals are artificial and can be possible means of alien communication but then again, this theory is just based on very faint eleven radio bursts which can be easily misunderstood as message.

Scientists definitely cannot neglect the strong possibility that they are just common background noise.

Just in case, they are indeed extraterrestrials trying to make contact, we can only hope that they are not the invading ones.

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