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Bigelow Aerospace CEO Believes UFOs Visit Earth: Here's His Proof Aliens Exist

Robert Bigelow, who owns the company that works with NASA to develop an expandable craft for future human spaceflights, revealed on '60 minutes' that he believes in aliens. Here's a story he shared about a close encounter with UFOs.

Space June 2, 2017

Aliens In Extraterrestrial Worlds May Have Gone Extinct: Astrobiologists

The universe is teeming with habitable planets but scientists have not yet confirmed finding alien life. The Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis may have the answer.

Space January 22, 2016

Far-Away Star's Light Pulses Dismissed As Potential Alien Signal

The star's pulsing light signature suggested a laser being beamed by intelligent beings.

Space December 10, 2015

Evolutionary Biologist Reveals How Extraterrestrials Possibly Reproduce

How do aliens reproduce? An evolutionary biologist believes that aliens may have several categories instead of genders and may actually be capable of self-reproduction.

Space October 29, 2015

Archaeologists Unearth Human Skeleton With 'Conehead' Skull

A skeleton with an elongated and egg-shaped skull was unearthed in Russia's Arkaim. UFO enthusiasts claim it is proof of aliens visiting Earth, but archaeologists say this belonged to a woman who lived about 2,000 years ago.

July 29, 2015

Biologist Says Aliens Are Out There And They Look Like Us

A leading evolutionary biologist believes that intelligent life will likely emerge from habitable extraterrestrial worlds that do not freeze or boil. He said that should aliens exist, they likely look like humans.

Space July 2, 2015

How Big Are Aliens? Big As Bears According To Math Experts

Scientists are not certain how alien life would look if it does exist, but one cosmologist provided statistical arguments suggesting the average size of extraterrestrial beings.

Space May 21, 2015

Aliens Or Cosmic Phenomenon: Where Are Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space Coming From?

Puzzled astronomers cannot discredit the theory of extra terrestial over the last decade due to radio bursts occurrence.

Space April 8, 2015

Earth To Aliens: Scientists Want To Send Messages To Extraterrestrial Intelligence Possibly Living On Exoplanets

Researchers involved in the hunt for alien life have proposed sending messages to intelligent extraterrestrial beings in other worlds. Skeptics, however, said that contacting alien civilizations may have serious and devastating implications.

Space February 13, 2015

'Ghost Particle' is Proof of Alien Life, Says Astrobiologists

Researchers claim a spectral particle that looks like a wisp of smoke could be proof that we aren’t the only living creatures in the universe.

Space January 20, 2015

UFO spotted in NASA video of ISS repair: Real or fake? [Video]

NASA uploaded a video of two astronauts spacewalking on Oct. 7. Now, netizens are debating whether the object that suddenly appeared in the video is a UFO.

Space October 23, 2014

Milky Way may be home to more than we know, given expansive extraterrestrial living conditions

Checklist for conditions under which extraterrestrial life could exist needs to be expanded, scientist says. Findings on Earth suggest more possibilities than thought, he notes.

Space June 10, 2014

Finding aliens possible in 20 years if funding is right: Astronomers

When the age-old question "Is anybody out there?" was raised in the recent meeting with the U.S. House of Representatives' science committee, two SETI astronomers declared a reverberating "yes."

Space May 23, 2014

Robotic planet-hunting telescope makes its debut, already spots new worlds

Autonomous telescope joins hunt for alien planets and has already found new planets around distant stars.

Space March 29, 2014

Astronomers urged to consider more types of stars in search for extraterrestrial life

Researches urge astronomers not to limit search for extraterrestrial life to just Sun-type stars but consider larger and hotter ones.

Space March 29, 2014

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