Taco Bell is committed to providing customers with fast food. So much so that they will start testing out a delivery service to send tacos right to your doorstep—well, once they figure out how.

In a March interview with Nation's Restaurant News, Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol announced the fast food chain's plan to roll out a delivery service.

"Even though it's the No. 1 request from consumers, we have to make sure we can give them an experience that's consistent with Taco Bell, and that's what we're working through," Niccol said. "We have to figure it out, and I can tell you right now we don't have it figured out."

Still, the chain plans on experimenting with delivery this year

It seems simple enough, just hire some high schooler to deliver some Doritos Locos Tacos or a Crunchwrap Supreme to your house. Imagine having late-night munchies and not having to convince your friends to drive you to the Bell?

Instead, sometime in the future, you will be able to answer your door when your doorbell rings to receive your Taco Bell delivery—going from a drive-thru to drive-to-you service.

So what really is standing in the Mexican fast food chain's way from rolling out its delivery service? Some logistics including finding local drivers, and coming up with some delivery minimum to make the service worth it. This may be a major road block since Taco Bell is known for its low prices. Would it be worth it for them to send a driver for a few items off the Dollar Cravings menu?

Of course then there are other issues like how long could an item sit in route before becoming soggy and cold? And no one wants to eat a cold, soupy taco...right? 

What they do want is breakfast, especially since Taco Bell added Cap'n Crunch Donut Holes and a crispy Chicken Biscuit Taco.

These new breakfast items continue to allow the fast food chain to compete against others like McDonald's, which also announced recently it will offer breakfast all day. Adding a delivery service will only give Taco Bell another leg up in the fast food race.

Even though Taco Bell hasn't figured out just how they will pull door-side delivery off yet, at least we know that "some form of delivery will be in test by late this year."

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