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Taco Bell Hot Sauce Saves Florida Customer's Life

A Taco Bell customer walked out unharmed in a car accident after an SUV barrelled into the restaurant. He said he had left his place momentarily to get more hot sauce before the vehicle destroyed his table.

Life & Style March 19, 2019

Army Man From Florida Immediately Demands Taco Bell After Waking Up From 48-Day Coma

After emerging from 48-day coma, a 35-year-old army veteran from Florida had one simple request: 'I want Taco Bell.' Here's his story.

Feature | Health May 14, 2016

You Can Now Order Taco Bell Through Slack's TacoBot

Taco Bell announced its plans to launch TacoBot on Slack, which will allow customers to place their orders for pick-up directly on the platform.

Apps/Software April 6, 2016

Taco Bell Debuts New $1 Breakfast Menu

The fast-food industry is banking on breakfast meals to improve sales. On Thursday, food chain Taco Bell stepped up its game by unveiling its newest $1 breakfast menu items.

Business March 11, 2016

Taco Bell To Use Cage-Free Eggs In All Its Restaurants By December 2016

Taco Bell has announced its plans to use only 100-percent cage-free eggs for all 6,000 of its restaurants and affiliates by the end of 2016. Although other companies have also made similar pledges, Taco Bell's implementation date is ahead of its rivals.

Internet Culture November 17, 2015

Taco Bell Launches Hungry Customers Can Now Customize And Order Food Online

Taco Bell's website allows customers to customize and pay in advance for their orders. Users can make food creations that are limited only by their imagination, and then pick up their food at a local Taco Bell outlet.

Internet September 29, 2015

Hungry? Want A Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle? Head To Taco Bell

Sony and Taco Bell have announced a competition that will give 6,000 lucky winners their own special-edition gold PlayStation 4. The competition will start on September 25.

Video Games September 19, 2015

Eat Taco Bell And More Taco Bell If You Want A Gold PS4: Here's How To Join

Taco Bell will be giving away a limited edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle as part of its new promotion, which will run from September through November this year.

September 19, 2015

How'd You Like A Gold PS4? Taco Bell Has 6,000 To Give Away

Taco Bell is holding a contest to give away PlayStation 4 bundles that include a console, controller, PS Plus, and the 'Uncharted' remaster. And the console is gold.

Geek September 18, 2015

Google Glass Is Back But You'll Only See Them In Offices

Google is reportedly bringing Google Glass to businesses in the fall. While pricing is yet to be announced, the new model is expected to cost under the original $1,500 price tag in order to stay competitive.

Wearable Tech August 2, 2015

Taco Bell And Pizza Hut Will Stop Using Artificial Ingredients

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut will be the latest fast-food chains to get rid of artifiicial ingredients in their food. But what is Taco Bell and Pizza Hut without artificial ingredients, exactly?

Internet Culture May 26, 2015

Taco Bell May Soon Start Selling Alcohol To Go With Its Doritos Locos Tacos

The popular fast food chain may soon start selling alcohol, after the new Chicago location applied for a liquor license.

Internet Culture May 14, 2015

Taco Bell Is Getting Frito Tacos And The World Is Not Prepared

If thought Taco Bell couldn't top making tacos from Doritos, you are sadly mistaken.

Internet Culture April 28, 2015

Taco Bell Releases Limited-Time 'Hottest Sauce Ever' For Cinco de Mayo

Taco Bell is adding a new limited-time sauce that is hotter than ever, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Internet Culture April 24, 2015

Taco Bell Will Soon Deliver Tacos To Your Doorstep (Once They Figure Out How)

Taco Bell will begin testing out some form of delivery service sometime this year, although it is not yet known the fast food chain's plans to bring tacos from the drive-thru to your doorstep.

Internet Culture April 8, 2015

The McDonald's Big Mac Shop Lets You Wear Your Favorite Fast Food Anywhere

There are people who think Big Macs look delicious and those who think they look disgusting. But whatever you think about the McDonald's fast food item, these clothes are pretty sweet.

Internet Culture March 27, 2015

Taco Bell's New Breakfast Biscuit Taco Sounds Surprisingly Delicious

Taco Bell will introduce a new item to its breakfast menu on Thursday, the Biscuit Taco. Surprisingly, it actually sounds like you won't hate it.

Internet Culture March 24, 2015

Taco Bell Is Testing Out Cap'n Crunch Donut Holes

Taco Bell is testing out Cap'n Crunch donut holes. The dessert is a deep fried balls of dough filled with milk icing and covered with Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal.

Internet Culture February 28, 2015

Conan O'Brien Visits Taco Bell, Gets Creepy Almost Immediately

It's not every day that people get a backstage pass to a restaurant's test kitchen, and a sneak peak like that should be taken somewhat seriously. Then again, this is 'Conan' we're talking about...

Movies/TV Shows January 22, 2015

Taco Bell's new mobile ordering app is changing fast food

The fast-food chain has introduced a new app that lets the customer order and pay for their food using their phone. Now you can order your Crunchwrap Supreme without waiting in line.

Internet Culture October 28, 2014

Taco Bell is testing out a Sriracha menu, and it sounds delicious

New Sriracha themed menu items are being tested by Taco Bell in Kansas City, and if they prove popular, the spicy burritos and tacos could go nationwide.

Internet Culture October 16, 2014

Find one of Taco Bell's eleven Everlasting Dollars and win free Taco Bell for life

Taco Bell reveals their latest advertising campaign. Dubbed "The Everlasting Dollar," 11 lucky participants can get a chance to win a lifetime's worth of Taco Bell food.

Movies/TV Shows August 31, 2014

Chick-fil-A is rolling out a really unhealthy breakfast item

Chick-fil-A, the popular fast food chain known for their fried chicken cutlet sandwiches, will roll out a breakfast menu in select locations. The menu will feature the really unhealthy breakfast item, Chicken and Waffles, as well as other high and low caloric options.

Movies/TV Shows August 27, 2014

Japanese McDonald's are getting tofu McNuggets

McDonald's restaurants are trying something new in the land of the rising sun -- tofu nuggets.

Internet Culture July 31, 2014

The best and worst fast-food chains in America

Consumer Reports latest survey lists the best and worst in American fast-food. Consumers want more for their money and convenience takes a backseat to quality,

Movies/TV Shows July 15, 2014

Ronald McDonald gets a new look, ready for posting selfies on Twitter

McDonald's breaks its silence and debuts Ronald's new wardrobe and tech-savvy image to better engage with its customers. The largest hamburger chain seems ready to go back to the forefront and boost its weak sales.

Life April 26, 2014

New Taco Bell app lets you place orders with a tap: What you should know

Taco Bell has been beta testing a mobile application that will make ordering, pickup, and overall experience better for its Millennial customers.

Apps/Software February 20, 2014

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