Pebble smartwatch owners may soon play with Tamagotchi virtual pets


Have you ever had the idea of playing games on your Pebble smart watch? Well, that's about to happen as Hatchi is making its way to a wrist near you. Hatchi is basically a virtual pet game that is similar to Tamagotchi, the popular virtual pet game that made a name for itself back in the 90s.  

Surely you must have remembered Tamagotchi, and the amount of time a pet dies because it was not fed or cleaned in days. Portable Pixels, developer of Hatchi, is probably hoping for the same Tamagotchi effect as it prepares to bring back the feeling of the 90s straight from our wrists.  

The game is expected to launch on the Pebble app store some time this week, and we're expecting it to be a free experience. Players will be responsible for feeding, cleaning, caring for and playing with their new Hatchi pet. It is not certain what will happen if players fail to abide by these simple rules. It is possible the met might simply die, as it is done in Tamagotchi.  

Hatchi isn't the only game coming to the Pebble smart watch. We understand that Pebble has announced two additional titles at the Games Developers Conference, and they are, Mr. Runner from Zing Games, and Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium.  

As expected, these games are nothing special and very basic since the idea is to play them on watch without sinking the battery. Gamers going in expecting something deep and rewarding will leave very disappointed, so it is best keep excitement and expectations at a very low level at this moment in time.  

"We believe Pebble is a great new platform for studios around the world to create awesome  games - specifically mini games and casual games," says Pebble via its blog. Today at GDC, we're introducing three new titles which are going live on the Pebble appstore: Mr. Runner (Zing Games), an endless runner; Icon Pop Quiz (Alegrium), a fun quiz game; and Hatchi (Portable Pixels), a Tamagachi like game.  

"Games are an emerging category for Pebble and we're really excited to see what great titles developers build for the Pebble platform. We'll be at GDC  - studios interested in pioneering games on Pebble are invited to contact us."  

We've seen how smartphones and tablets have been made to connect with games on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if smart watches get a similar treatment in the future to come. 

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