For Destiny players, the Bungie Weekly Update is either something to be applauded or something that inspires rage like nothing else. It's where players learn if that long-awaited feature will actually make it in, or if Bungie is trashing their favorite part of the game.

For the most part, the team has been hard at work with a number of updates that will prepare players for the upcoming House of Wolves DLC, so players' reactions for the past few weeks have been relatively positive.

To be honest...that may change with the latest update.

Bungie isn't just preparing for the House of Wolves DLC, but it's constantly changing how its player-versus-player (or PvP) game works.

Any tweaks to the competitive game aren't usually that well received, and this update will likely continue that trend.

First things first: when players sign into their games after the update drops, they'll notice something different about their Vaults. All of their weapons and gear will still be there, but a new padlock icon will appear next to the item's picture.

Basically, Bungie is adding a new 'lock' feature to players' items - that way, there's really no chance of accidentally dismantling a rare weapon or piece of gear. All players have to do is highlight the item and click the right thumbstick, and said item is now 'locked,' and cannot be dismantled.

While updates to the Vault are always a good thing, the changes to Special and Heavy ammo in the Crucible may rub some players the wrong way. Bungie has been tweaking the way that extra ammo works in PvP for some time now, but the 1.1.2 Update makes some pretty drastic changes.

The biggest change is how frequently the ammo crates appear: both Special and Heavy ammo crates will materialize much less frequently during matches. According to Bungie, this is to emphasize the importance of players' high-powered weaponry: currently, the shotgun reigns supreme in PvP, and Bungie wants to try and balance out players' weapon selections. Supposedly, if ammo isn't as readily available, players will rely more on their standard guns, or be more careful in choosing their secondary weapons - and matches won't break down into sliding shotgun matches like they have been.

The other major change to the ammo system is the pick-up radius for teammates. Currently, players have to be crowded around the ammo crate if they want to have a chance at grabbing its contents, but Bungie is greatly expanding the radius for ammo pickups. With any luck, the update should kill two birds with one stone: firstly, an entire team won't have to clump up in one space with a target on their backs; secondly, players won't lose out on specialized ammo simply because of a greedy teammate.

Bungie is walking a fine line with the Crucible: the team is attempting to make weapons (otherwise known as the game's main focus) more important, but if the ammo is too scarce, Bungie could end up making secondary weapons irrelevant.

For most, the 1.1.2 Update should bring a host of welcome changes. For those still playing the Crucible, however, the changes could end up being more of a mixed bag. It's still too early to tell if Bungie's tweaks are too drastic, but it won't be much longer before fans can find out for themselves: work on the update has officially been completed.

There's no specific release date quite yet, though Bungie did say that "you'll download it soon." For more information on the 1.1.2 Update, head on over to the Bungie Weekly Update.

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