The Batman: Arkham Knight prequel comic that bridges that story gap between Batman: Arkham City and the new game has been going steady for several weeks now, but in that time it has done little to shine any light on who exactly the mysterious villain known as Arkham Knight actually is.

Now we might know why. DC Comics will be releasing another prequel comic called Batman: Arkham Knight - Genesis that will deal exclusively with the origin story of Batman's new militaristic, gun-toting villain. It should be noted that this six-issue miniseries will be releasing after the Batman: Arkham Knight game, which hits store shelves June 23.

Writer Peter Tomasi and artist Allison Borges will be bringing the comic to life. If the name Tomasi sounds familiar, that's because he is also the writer on the Arkham Knight prequel series out now. He is also the current writer of Batman and Robin at DC Comics.

It's curious that we will be getting an Arkham Knight origin story more than a month after the release of the game. We know little about Arkham Knight as a character other than he is a kind of "anti-Batman." His armored outfit is reminiscent of the Dark Knight's, only the Arkham Knight uses guns and isn't afraid to inflict deadly force. He (or she, for all we know) does seem to have some prior connection to the bat, though what that connection might be is still a complete mystery.

It seems evident DC wants to keep the Arkham Knight's true identity a secret prior to the release of the game. Why else would the comic publisher release an origin story a full month after the game's release? How much of Arkham Knight's origin will be told in the game itself, and will this new comic series simply retread familiar ground? So far all we have is questions and no answers. We will have to wait and play the game until we can say for sure.

Batman: Arkham Knight releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC June 23.

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