Last issue served as a turning point for this prequel series. Rather than a retread of previous storylines, it finally feels like Batman: Arkham Knight is moving forward with a goal in mind.

Issue #8 does a good job of continuing that forward momentum after last week's cliffhanger. Bruce Wayne has a brilliant plan to reinvigorate Gotham City, but before he can announce what that plan is, Harley Quinn's goons barge in and start shooting up the place.

It puts Bruce in a position we don't often see him in. Here he is, surrounded by city officials and people who know him, yet he needs to be Batman. Innocent people are being shot and beaten, but Bruce can't go "full Batman" for risk of drawing attention to his alter ego.

Or that's what I think Peter Tomasi was shooting for here. What actually happens is Bruce beats the snot out of a few thugs, saves some people and then remarks to Commissioner Gordon that it was all luck.

Really, Bruce? Let's not insult Gordon's intelligence. Bruce eventually escapes only to return as Batman and wipe the floor with a few more of Quinn's men.

It's a satisfying, action-filled issue that also begins to raise some questions for future issues. Much of the forward movement in the plot department is thanks to Harley Quinn. I love what Tomasi is doing with her character. Finally free from the Joker's shadow, she is proving to be just as cunning as her former idol. She steals the show every time she appears on page. Her interactions with Penguin in particular are a highlight, as she remarks about how all the men in her life continually underestimate her.

Bruce's plan to rebuild Gotham is the big mystery of the moment. It has been discussed for multiple issues now, but we still don't have any solid information about what that plan might entail. Now Quinn has the means to find out the details and no doubt muck up Bruce's thought out plans, which should make for entertaining reading. The more Harley the better.







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