Looks like Meek Mill put a ring on it. Nicki Minaj posted on Instagram some serious ice on her finger, a 15-carat heart-shaped yellow diamond estimated to be worth $500,000.

Engagement rumors began when Minaj posted a photo of her and Mill in Miami. She was already wearing the ring then, which a lot of fans on social media pointed out. Before that, Mill already went on Twitter, posting an emoji of a yellow heart. With Minaj's next Instagram post being captioned "I wish every night could feel like last night," speculations flew left and right as to what could have gone down the previous night.

Of course, with a rock like that, it could only mean one thing.

Minaj did great work fueling the rumors though by tweeting "I'll post it later" with an emoji of a ring, a yellow heart and a diamond. And post it later she did, brandishing her bling on Instagram, which got over 500,000 likes.

"This looks like a 15-carat fancy yellow heart modified brilliant cut diamond mounted in platinum with a double halo of white pavé diamonds," said Morgan Shara from MASbisjoux jewelry, adding it's on point with the current trend favoring natural fancy colored diamonds.

Minaj and Mill actually have yet to confirm they even have a relationship but they have been extremely close the last few months, according to a source close to the couple, adding that it may look like everything is happening quickly but the two are 100 percent into each other.

"They truly love each other."

Minaj and Mill have to confirm the engagement as well but do they really have to? A man does not simply spend $500,000 on a ring just to tell a woman he loves her. Or maybe Mill is that kind of guy?

He did respond "I am" to a Twitter follower who said "you so f--king lucky n---a," at least publicly acknowledging he has feelings for The Pinkprint singer.

The last time Minaj and an engagement ring were being discussed in the same breath was in 2013 when DJ Khaled "proposed" to her in an interview with a 10-karat radiant cut diamond ring. Minaj later on clarified that the proposal was just a stunt Khaled pulled off for his "I Wanna Be With You" single. The ring though was also valued at around $500,000.

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