Death is coming for Windows XP. Microsoft's 13-year-old operating system has been running high even though the software giant released three other operating systems since 2007. It is clear that users have a soft spot for Windows XP, but the time has come for them to abandon it and move on.

In the heat of the "I don't want Windows XP to die" debacle, Microsoft is attempting to force the issue by putting $100 towards a brand new Windows 8 system for every user coming from Windows XP. It's a decent deal, as the giant from Redmond is also offering 90 days of free customer support.

If you're a person who finds Windows 8 confusing, this 90 day free customer support should keep you on the right track. In addition, Microsoft is also throwing in a free transfer service.

To qualify for this $100 bribe by Microsoft, Windows XP users must be willing to purchase their new machine from Microsoft's online store. In addition, they must also be willing to purchase a system that costs $699 and over.

With this Windows XP issue becoming a big headache for Microsoft, it is easy to see why the company is going as far as to pay users to upgrade. The question is though, should they? We believe so.

Considering the fact that Microsoft will no longer release security updates for Windows XP, users have no choice, but to abandon the operating system unless they wish to come across some serious security issue in the months and years to come. This $100 deal will allow users to save in their bid to move away from the old dog, so that's good.

For those who fear Windows 8, bear in mind that Windows 8.1 has improved the troubled operating system in a good way. Booting to the desktop is on by default, though it is not yet possible to avoid the touch centric aspect of the OS entirely. Microsoft has also made it friendlier for keyboard and mouse users, though the traditional start button is still missing.

If you're still on the fence, remember Microsoft is offering 90 days worth of tech support, which should be enough to help get your head around the complexities of Windows 8.

The time is right folks, upgrade or face possible security issues down the line. On the other hand though, you can always try out a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu.

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