T-Mobile and Google have partnered up for Google's Project Fi, which according to T-Mobile John Legere will "make people think differently about wireless."

T-Mobile has teamed up several times with Google in the past, beginning when the two companies launched the very first Android smartphone back in 2008, the T-Mobile G1. Most recently, T-Mobile and Google worked together to launch the Nexus 6, which will be the very first Nexus device with the Wi-Fi Calling feature once the service launches soon.

According to Legere, when Google approached T-Mobile regarding having the carrier sign up for Project Fi, it was a "no-brainer" for T-Mobile to team up with Google once again.

Legere reiterated T-Mobile's mission of changing the wireless industry to better serve customers and businesses, which the company has been trying to achieve through its signature industry-changing moves and cutting-edge technologies. Legere believes that Google approached T-Mobile to participate in Project Fi as the company is innovative and features a network that is capable of addressing the needs of today's consumers.

According to Legere, one of the best things regarding Project Fi is that the new technology of Google will allow users to move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks depending on which one is the fastest one at a given time for the user. Project Fi will allow users to access public Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks easily, which mirrors T-Mobile's initiative of turning all Wi-Fi connections practically into T-Mobile towers.

Because cellular connections on Project Fi will be made according to fastest network speeds, T-Mobile is expecting most of the traffic share from participants in the project. This is because T-Mobile boasts of the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network in the United States.

Project Fi will not be allowing users to again access to T-Mobile's latest innovations such as HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. However, T-Mobile has worked with Google to provide Project Fi participants to access international roaming across more than 100 countries and destinations. T-Mobile has also shared its Un-carrier playbook, which provides industry-best customer service.

Legere views the partnership with Google not only as a great opportunity for more people to access the T-Mobile network, but also as a great chance for brand association with a company that has some of the biggest brains in the tech industry for driving innovation.

Users looking to participate in the early access program of Project Fi will have to ask Google to get invited to the program, and will also have to own a Nexus 6 device.

In addition to T-Mobile, Sprint has also signed up to be part of the breakthrough program of Google.

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