It's hard to describe, but there's a certain elegance to Chipotle. Sure, it's meat, rice and vegetables mixed together in a burrito, but the simplistic nature of the meals and the absolutely insane amount of food included separates Chipotle from all of the other fast-food chains out there. It's not the best thing for you (especially considering most meals clock in at over 1,000 calories), but let's be honest: that doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, things haven't been going all that well for the restaurant: food shortages and the steadily increasing price of beef are a real concern. The last time Chipotle raised its prices was back in 2014, and it looks like 2015 is going to suffer the same fate.

Don't worry: while the prices are going up, there's definitely a silver lining...

It may come as a surprise to some that beef is slowly disappearing. However, once you really think about it, the situation makes a lot of sense: beef is absolutely everywhere in American diets, especially at fast food chains. Many restaurants have been introducing more and more chicken options to combat this, but Americans consume an absolutely ridiculous amount of beef, and it's starting to hurt.

Chipotle is a prime example of this. Last year, the restaurant chain was forced to raise prices between 3 and 5 percent, and this year is no better: Chipotle is now expected to raise its prices by another 4 to 6 percent (via Slate). It doesn't sound like much, as it only adds a quarter onto the current price - but that's a quarter on every beef item in every Chipotle restaurant in the country. In other words, the change in price is worth millions of dollars.

It's yet another problem for Chipotle in an already tough season: stock prices are down 5 percent, and many of the stores are missing sales targets month after month. The change in price won't shut the restaurants down on their own, but with all of the other problems that the chain is facing, it could have more of an impact than anyone might expect.

Thankfully, there is some good news: Chipotle now delivers!

That's right, select chains in 67 around the country now offer delivery. This is the first time that the restaurant has officially offered delivery services, and the full menu is available now in cities across the country. It's only available through Postmates, but it's easy to imagine the menu appearing on other delivery services in the future.

There's never been a more perfect example of 'good news, bad news' in history: Chipotle's having trouble with its menu and prices...but now you don't have to get off the couch to get the food!

Let's just hope this new price increase isn't the start of something bigger...

Photo: Mike Mozart | Flickr

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