If you like your food muy caliente, then get ready to taste the hot sauce that is hotter than the devil himself.

Taco Bell is turning up the heat in honor of Cinco de Mayo by releasing a limited-time hot sauce on May 5.

The popular fast food chain says that the new hot sauce flavor called Diablo, or devil in Spanish, is the "hottest sauce packet ever."

Packed with sizzling hot peppers like chipotle, chip and aji panca, these flavors will certainly give any taco or burrito that extra punch.

The limited-time hotter then ever sauce comes in black packaging with red flames and 12 different sayings like "get on my level" and "sound the alarm."

So if the current condiment sauces Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire aren't hot enough for you, then make sure to grab handfuls of Diablo while you can.

"We're all familiar with Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire, but if there's one thing we keep hearing from our fans, it's that they want more heat," Taco Bell spokeswoman Ashely Sioson says. "Diablo will deliver just that-[it] packs a punch with a 'we don't give a shishito' attitude."

While the hot as the devil sauce will probably put your mouth on fire, the Yum Brands' chain continues to turn things up by also testing tortilla chips with its hot sauce theme in some chains.

If you are brave enough to try out the hottest sauce ever, just make sure you have a ice-cold margarita on hand. It is Cinco de Mayo, after all!

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Photo:  Steven Depolo  | Flickr

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