Losing weight is hard. You've encountered more diets than you can count but none of them have effectively battled the bulge you're carrying. You know what works? Habits proven by science.

Keep these 12 tips in mind to give your weight loss efforts a boost:

1. Drink water before meals. The popular understanding here is that drinking water will fill you up, causing you to eat less and reducing your overall calorie intake to encourage weight loss. However, a study has shown that instead of simply making you feel full, drinking water actually helps reduce the number of calories the body absorbs from a meal to aid in creating a deficit that promotes weight loss.

2. Eat eggs for breakfast. Eggs have been a breakfast staple for many people but did you know it truly promotes weight loss? This is because eggs are a good source of protein, eating which promotes greater feelings of satiety. This means you feel full longer, making you eat less not just for lunch but for the remainder of the day.

3. Drink black coffee. Quality coffee is teeming with antioxidants and has been shown to boost metabolism to facilitate weight loss. Just make sure to drink it plain because adding a lot of cream, sugar and other ingredients will negate the weight loss burn you could get from a cup of coffee.

4. Be mindful of portions. Portion control not only helps you keep track of calories consumed but it can also aid weight loss by making aware of what you are eating. This is how keeping a food diary also helps you lose weight.

5. Snack on healthy food. Sometimes, you just can't get rid of cravings. When you know that you'll likely give in to incessant snacking, soften the blow on your weight loss goals by keeping only healthy snacks around, like baby carrots, a handful of nuts or some yogurt.

6. Eat spicy food. It sounds counter-intuitive since spicy food revs up your appetite but spices like Cayenne pepper have Capsaicin, a metabolism-boosting compound. This means that burn you're feeling in your mouth after eating spicy food will also lead to a burn in your body that promotes weight loss.

7. Chew slowly. It takes a while before your brain realizes that you're full so give it time to catch up by chewing more slowly. This not only helps you eat less but some studies have shown that it can also lead to the increased production of hormones associated with weight loss.

8. Get enough rest. People underestimate the benefits of sleep, most especially when it comes to weight loss. According to studies, poor sleep is a strong risk factor for obesity, causing increased risk in both adults and children.

9. Don't drink your calories. If you're watching your weight, you should watch what you drink as well. Sweet beverages have actually been linked to increased obesity risk in children, according to a study. Think fruit juice is safe? Think again! A serving can sometimes contain as much sugar as soft drinks.

10. Take a whey protein supplement. Protein is an integral component of your diet. If you're having a hard time consuming what you need, opt for whey protein. A study has shown that consuming whey protein can lead to eight pounds of weight loss while boosting lean muscle mass.

11. Do cardio. Aerobic exercise is an excellent way to torch calories, blasting fat from all over the body for a total burn. If your tummy is a problem area, a study has shown that doing cardio is effective against belly fat, which is particularly dangerous as it wraps around organs and leads to metabolic disease.

12. Don't diet. Instead, make an effort to eat healthy and improve your lifestyle choices. Eating right might not offer speedy results but you'll ingrain habits that will benefit you in the long term, allowing you to not only shed those extra pounds but keep them off entirely.

Photo: Alan Cleaver | Flickr

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