New photos have been published online from the Toronto set of Suicide Squad, and they reveal star Will Smith in costume for the film. The pics don't show his supervillain costume exactly; Smith's attire appears to be more civilian in nature.

Also, he's bald.

Let's backup a minute. In Suicide Squad, Smith plays Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, a world-class assassin who's coerced into joining Amanda Waller's titular squad that works for the government. Lawton likes to boast that he never misses when he takes a shot, which he gets away with because it's true. He usually sports a distinctive targeting monacle over one eye and carries an assortment of weaponry including dual handguns mounted to his wrists.

These new pictures of Smith show none of that, so we're forced to conclude that this is Lawton outside of his assassin persona, or perhaps a flashback to a time before he became Deadshot. In any event, the crew appears to be filming a scene where Lawton is on a shopping trip with a young girl.

His burgundy coat is evocative of the character's traditional red jumpsuit, and that Rev Run hat is hiding his newly shaved head. Another detail you might not be able to tell from these set photos is that Smith has let his beard grow out to a good inch or so in length. It adds up to a pretty different appearance than we've seen in any other Will Smith movie.

Some are speculating that the young girl seen in some of the photos left is probably Lawton's daughter, who's figured into his comics storyline on occasion. View more set photos at JustJared.

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