If you are a foodie, then you know there is an art to crafting the perfect sandwich. But it appears we aren't the only ones who know how to get down on some creative sandwich-making in the kitchen.

While a team from Radio Free Europe was near the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, they saw a wild fox that appeared to be hungry and threw him some food.

It must have been this wild fox's wildest dreams come true to be handed over the ingredients to transform a quick snack into his ideal sandwich.

After the people threw over bread and pieces of sausage, the Chernobyl wild fox went on to make his own sandwich.

That's right, this wild animal actually assembled together a five-decker sandwich, and we couldn't be more impressed. Just look at that bite!

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has been a restricted area with no human inhabitants since the1986 nuclear power plant disaster. With no people in the area, The Zone has become the home of several wild animals including bears, wolves, and foxes.

The fox in this video trots right on over to the radio team, unafraid possibly because people are hardly seen in this area—plus the thin animal was probably starving.

But surprisingly instead of gulping down the sausage and bread, this fox wanted to make the most out of the meal, impressively showing off his culinary skills for the camera.

With sausage in his mouth, the fox uses his paw to move a slice of bread and opened wide to carry it over to another slice. He goes on to fit all the pieces in his mouth to construct not just any ordinary sandwich, but a a five-decker one before running off back into the wild.

Watch—and prepare to be impressed—by this wild Chernobyl fox who knows how to take one hell of a bite out of a five-decker sandwich.

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Photo: BBC News | YouTube

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