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Elderly Man Bitten By Rabid Bat Hiding In iPad Case

A man was bitten by a bat inside his home in New Hampshire. Roy Syvertson reported that he was using his iPad inside his living room when he felt pain similar to a bee sting.

Public Health May 30, 2019

Bobcat That Attacked People Killed By Authorities, Tests Positive For Rabies

A bobcat in Vermont was able to bite three people in Upper Valley before getting shot by authorities. Testing revealed that the creature was positive for rabies.

Public Health December 14, 2018

Man Fights Off And Kills Rabid Beaver That Attacked Him And Daughter While Kayaking

An afternoon of kayaking turned into a nightmare when a beaver attacked a father and daughter. Local authorities eventually confirmed that the beaver was indeed rabid.

Public Health August 11, 2018

95-Year-Old Man Beats Rabid Fox To Death With Wooden Plank

An elderly man saved his life by beating a rabid fox to death that was on his deck. The man claimed to have had previous incidents where local residents were attacked by a rabid fox and did not want to take any chances.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

Hikers Rescue Rarely Seen Bobcat Kitten Roaming Alone

A juvenile bobcat gets rescued after stalking hikers on a mountain trail near Sausalito, California. The kitten has been examined and will be released in a few months.

Animals August 5, 2017

Polar Bear Encounters With People On The Rise

Documented cases of polar bear encounters in Canada are on the rise. Climate change affects the winter hunting activities of bears which lead them to look for other food sources while they stay on dry land.

Earth/Environment February 29, 2016

New Video Shows America's Only Wild Jaguar El Jefe Roaming Around Arizona

El Jefe is believed to be the last remaining wild jaguar in the U.S. and is living in a protected habitat in the Santa Rita Mountains located outside of Tucson. Conservation groups released the first video of El Jefe roaming in the wild.

February 4, 2016

This Wild Chernobyl Fox Makes His Own Sandwich And We Couldn't Be More Impressed

Watch this wild fox construct a five-decker sandwich in his mouth.

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

Ringling Bros. Will Eliminate Elephant Acts By 2018

Ringling Bros. circus will no longer feature elephant acts because of protests from animal rights groups.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

Watch This Wild Lion Open Tourist's Car Door With Her Teeth

Two sisters captured a terrifying video of a lioness opening their car door when on a South African safari.

Internet Culture March 5, 2015

Mountain lions in Santa Monica Mountains, trapped by freeways and urbanization, risk inbreeding and isolation

Loss of genetic diversity in mountain lions living in Los Angeles area leading to behaviors that could threaten their survival, study finds. Freeways, subdivisions hamper normal movements of the animals, researchers say.

Earth/Environment August 17, 2014

‘Blackfish’ causes SeaWorld stocks to dive

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. fell short on their expectations for the second quarter, as attendance continues to drop after the controversial documentary ‘Blackfish’ was released. SeaWorld’s image has been tainted after animal activists lobbied against orca captivity.

Movies/TV Shows August 13, 2014

Cry wolf: African fork-tailed drongo mimics alarm calls to steal others' food

African bird turns impressionist to create panic in other species, then swoops in to steal their lunch. Fork-tailed drongos have an impressive repertoire of sounds it can mimic.

Animals May 2, 2014

Pelican with throat slashed rescued in Long Beach, hunt on for culprit

Pelican had throat pouch slashed in attack, leaving it unable to eat. Animal rescue group is offering reward in search for perpetrator.

April 24, 2014

Chimps like their beds firm and stable, preferably Ugandan ironwood: Study

Chimps are picky when it comes to building material for their nighttime sleeping nests, scientists find. In fact, only one kind of wood will do.

April 19, 2014

Otters can get the flu, too; human flu virus found in otters living off Washington coast

Flu virus that caused a human pandemic also found in sea otters, suggesting human viruses can infect them.

Animals April 12, 2014

Giant pandas and red pandas in 'peaceful coexistence' while competing for same bamboo food source

Giant pandas and red pandas have a 'shoots and leaves' difference in bamboo diet that allows them to coexist

April 11, 2014

Wolf? No. Dog? No. Dingo is in a class of its own

Dingos are neither dogs nor wolves, based on new research from Australia. So, just what are these furry animals?

Animals April 3, 2014

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