Keeping up with the Kardashians is exhausting. It seems like every day, one of the members of the famous reality clan is making headlines. If you consider news as being world affairs, politics, crime, business, heath, science and technology-related content, then chances are you are bothered by seeing Kim K break the Internet each time she decides to pose without her clothes on.

There's no denying the Kardashians are everywhere, but you now will be able to pretend you live in a world where they don't exist by using a new browser extension tool that will block them from ever bothering you again.

That's right — say goodbye to Kylie Jenner challenges, updates on the color of Kim's hair and news about the revealing dress she wore to the Met Gala. The #KardBlock tool makes it all disappear, because sometimes, keeping up with them makes us fall behind on issues that matter.

#KardBlock, the genius app for your Web browser, was created by developer James Shamsi after being annoyed that the Kardashian family steals the spotlight from real news.

"We're tired of logging on to any site and seeing stories of the Kardashian family overshadow REAL news, the site reads. "So ... we're creating an AdBlock version of the Kardashians, the #KardBlock."

Instead, Shamsi, like many others, care about "raising awareness of transexuality, the one benefit of the Kardashians," as well as "raising attention and money for the thousands that died in Nepal," and "the tens of thousands being slaughtered by ISIS."

So, Shamsi teamed up with social media management company to do the public a service and make anything Kardashian-related disappear on any website you are on or newsfeed you are browsing through.

While the browser extension is still in beta, those who are interested can join now to access "the best thing to happen to the Internet since the Kardashians" by entering their email address.

Oh, and Shamsi promises a Justin Bieber content blocker will be out in the near future.

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