By now, you've probably done your spring cleaning, but keeping things tidy doesn't stop with your home. Germs and bacteria build up on tech devices such as phones, computers and tablets and need the same consistent cleaning as household items.

We spoke to two dermatologists to learn the effects of transferring bacteria from a device to the skin. We also found great cleaning options specifically designed with tech hygiene in mind.

"Cell phones are as germ ridden as a woman's purse. All that bacteria combined with perspiration and the sebum that accumulates on the cell phone can cause breakouts on the chin and near the ear," says Board Certified Dermatologist Marina Peredo, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, N.Y. This buildup can be especially irritating as seasonal weather shifts increases oil and sweat production, leaving the skin susceptible to unwanted breakouts.

"We know that bacteria play a key role in triggering acne and that the mixture of oil and dead skin cells creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Pressing your phone against the side of your face creates friction and this can stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil," says Board Certified Dermatologist Jeannette Graf, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY. "Between this constant friction and the bacteria on your phone mixing with this oil, your skin can break out as a result. Try to keep your phone clean with alcohol wipes and minimize contact between your face and your smart phone by using either earbuds or a headset."

One such option noted in our video is Whoosh! Screen Shine, a non-toxic screen cleanser that is both ammonia- and alcohol-free. Simply spray it on any screen that needs cleaning, wipe with the antimicrobial cloth included in package and remove buildup, debris and germs without leaving behind smudges or fingerprints. The pocket-size version is available for $6 and includes 100 sprays.

Check out other options for keeping your tech clean and healthy in our video:

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