Are you a sleepyhead who finds it difficult to arise from your slumber in the morning, but readily snaps awake to take a selfie any time of day?

If you answered yes, then Snap Me Up—an alarm clock that will not switch off until you click a selfie—just might be the app you have been looking for.

No more snooze buttons. This alarm will try to prevent you from stealing extra minutes of sleep. You have to click a selfie for the alarm to shut off as Snap Me Up ensures you rise and shine!

"Have you ever wondered how do you look when you wake up? Snap Me Up allows you to set alarms in an easy and elegant way, that have to be turned off taking a picture of your face!" noted the app description.

Snap Me Up is the brainchild of Italian developer Michael Fabozzi, who has taken selfie creativity to another level—by morphing it into an alarm that does not shut up until it sees your face.

Setting up the alarm is easy once you install the Android app. Simply tap the red button and choose the mode and time. The option to switch off the selfie option exists, but it is way more fun with the option on. Alternatively, one can wake up to a random image popping from the user's gallery.

Timers for naps also exist for five minutes or more. There is also an in-built face detection feature that prevents the user from playing tricky and clicking a blurred selfie. The camera option can also be set to make it face either the rear or front.

In case you were wondering what happens to the selfies, they get saved to an album called "My sleepy snaps." Not only will you wake up on time—thanks to Snap Me Up—but you will also have a funny collection of photos that are worth some chuckles.

A downside of Snap Me Up is that no in-app purchases are available and the ads can be annoying, especially when you see them first thing when you wake up.

Fabozzi, however, revealed that he is trying to work around the issue.

The app is only available for Android. Fabozzi said he is working on an iOS version as well.

Snap Me Up is available as a free download for Android from the Google Play Store.

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