Japanese game shows can be pretty strange, to say the least. Weird costumes and outrageous challenges are the norm, and it seems like every day there is some new brand of absurd madness that we in the Western world just observe in hushed awe.

Allow me then to present to you the latest in weird (and horrifying) Japanese game show challenges: blowing a cockroach into the mouth of your opponent in order to avoid the same being done to you.

This is a real thing that actually happened, and it is the stuff nightmares are made of. Two Japanese girls are placed on opposite ends of a clear tube, with a cockroach placed in the middle. The girls huff and puff their hardest to shoot the bug into the mouth of the other girl. Otherwise that cockroach will be flying down their throats, and that is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being.

The look of terror on the faces of these girls as the cockroach gets closer is to the point of no return is priceless. But eventually there had to be a winner. With one powerful gust of air, the cockroach flies down the throat of the girl on the right side of the video.

Unsurprisingly, she freaks out. No idea what the prize for the winning girl was, but not having a cockroach fly down your throat is probably reward enough.

Whoever cooked up this game show challenge either needs to be locked away for all the trauma they've caused or given a medal for dreaming. I'm not sure which.

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