Google plans to disrupt smart TV market with Android TV


With social media networking sites abuzz on April 5 with news that Google is planning to launch another smart television product, the tech world is readying itself for yet another television product that aims to "revolutionize."

The Verge reports that Google is preparing what is believed to be a "less ambitious" project than its previous Google TV initiative, which will aim to make usability easier for a wider audience.

On Twitter, tech bloggers and followers of new technological enterprises seemed hopeful that the new project would deliver where the Google TV has yet to see a real entrance into the market.

"I think this is a great idea and if it can really reach a wide audience, let's see what happens," wrote one tech reporter on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The new smart TV, which is being called Android TV by Google, "is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform." This, the belief appears to be, will enable more users who are not familiar with smart TV to use it will ease.

According to reports now surfacing, users will have a simplified interface that will allow them to access their video and entertainment content while also having access to lightweight applications.

No launch date has been yet sent and while the plans should not affect Google Chromecast, according to the Mountain View-based company, the hope is that new apps will be developed specifically for the Android TV.

Press inquiries from Tech Times to Google did not receive a response as of late April 5, concerning the potential pricing and release date for the Android TV, but other reports suggest that Google is in the midst of procuring developers to help build apps and programs for the new TV.

It comes only days after Amazon launched its own smart TV, the Fire TV, which has received much fanfare and likely sparked the leaking of Google's own endeavor into a similar project that was likely under work for some time.

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