What if our favorite movies were actually old-school 8-bit video games? That's a question CineFix often likes answering — by bringing blockbusters to pixelated life. This time, they've really outdone themselves, taking the story of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and turning it into an 8-bit game.

The result is magnificent and looks like something we would have loved to plug in and play back in the '80s. 

"8-bit Cinema 'gamifies' your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80's arcade and NES inspired action!" reads the description on the CineFix YouTube page. "This time, we're heading back into the Marvel Universe to bring you the action-packed Captain America sequel in glorious old-school video game style!"

Not only does this fake game feature amazing 8-bit side-scrolling action, it also has all those wonderful and familiar sound effects that the Nintendo was known for. 

In 8-bit Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap sets out to defeat Hydra and save the world, just like in the movie. But that's not all. You also get to see 8-bit versions of other characters — including Black Widow, Falcon and even S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury.

If this were a real game, we imagine a lot of folks would be screaming, "Take my money, please!"

Of course, the world of Marvel superheroes is no stranger to 8-Bit cinema: CineFix has also done 8-bit video game versions of Iron Man, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. And usually, their game version is as good as – if not better than – the films themselves.

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