Top 15 Most Watched PewDiePie Videos On YouTube


Felix Kjellberg of Sweden, more popularly known by his online moniker PewDiePie, owns a channel with over 36 million subscribers on YouTube and video views of nearing 9 billion.

PewDiePie is known for his collection of comedy videos, most of which show him playing video games. His early videos mostly showed his comical reactions, filled at times with profanities, when playing video games in the horror genre.

Social Blade, a statistics monitor for the video-sharing website, estimates PewDiePie's earnings at between $1.2 million and $18.9 million every year. The range is very wide due to the huge variation in CPM, or cost per thousand views, for each channel, which can be from $0.25 cents to $4.00 each view.

Earning a minimum of $1.2 million per year is definitely not bad at all for a man that became known for screaming his head off while playing scary video games. Here are PewDiePie's top 15 most viewed videos that have vaulted him to such a legendary status in the online video industry.

15. Harlem Shake Fail

PewDiePie uploads his version of the once popular Harlem Shake videos.

14. Draw My Life

PewDiePie does his own Draw My Life video, as inspired by the original video uploaded by Sam Pepper.

13. Funny Gaming Montage

This video is a collection of funny moments from the uploaded gaming videos of PewDiePie, featuring his crazy reactions to scary video games.

12. Reading Mean Comments

PewDiePie reads through the mean comments made on his videos, some of which are just hilarious.

11. Funny Montage (bonus)

The video is another collection of funny moments from PewDiePie's videos, not just from his video gaming videos.

10. Happy Wheels - Funny Moments Montage

PewDiePie gathers his funniest moments while playing Happy Wheels, a ragdoll physics-based game played over an Internet browser.

9. Game Banned from Kids? - Talking Angela

PewDiePie plays the Talking Angela app, which is the subject of a hoax that the app extracts personal information from children.

8. Flappy Bird - Don't Play This Game!

After playing Dumb Ways to Die, PewDiePie tries to play the impossibly hard and smash hit Flappy Bird with painful results.

7. Happy Wheels - Funny Moments Montage #3

PewDiePie uploads another collection of funny moments while playing Happy Wheels.

6. World's Most Offensive Game?

PewDiePie plays Cards Against Humanity with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin, also known as CutiePie.

5. Jabba the Hutt (PewDiePie Song) by Schmoyoho

The video features a song dedicated to Maya, one of PewDiePie's three pet dogs, with a collection of moments from his videos.

4. Funny Montage #3

This video is PewDiePie's third Funny Montage from all his videos.

3. Funny Gaming Montage!

PewDiePie collects his funniest moments while playing video games.

2. Funny Montage #2

This video is PewDiePie's second Funny Montage from all his videos.

1. A Funny Montage

This video is the first funny montage that PewDiePie uploaded and is currently the most viewed among all of his videos, with over 65 million views.

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