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PewDiePie Briefly Lost Top Spot On YouTube

YouTube gamer PewDiePie got dethroned briefly on Monday morning when Bollywood record label T-Series got ahead of the subscriber count for two hours. The feud between the two YouTube channels is intense.

Internet March 20, 2019

Valve’s Solution To Review Bombing On Steam Is To Add Histograms: How Will It Help?

Review bombing, the act of ganging up on a game by giving it negative reviews, has become a huge problem on Steam. Valve thinks it can fix it by adding review histograms, but how?

Video Games September 20, 2017

PewDiePie Finally Responds To Controversy Over Anti-Semitic Videos

PewDiePie has now uploaded a video response over the recent controversy involving anti-Semitic content posted on his channel. The YouTube star offered an apology, but also mentioned his criticism of the media in general.

Internet February 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day Breakup: YouTube Cancels Scare PewDiePie, Removes Online Superstar From Google Preferred

Valentine’s Day didn’t go well for YouTube star PewDiePie. Following the move of Disney-owned Maker Studios, YouTube has also decided to reprimand Felix Kjellberg over his controversial anti-Semitic videos.

Internet February 14, 2017

Disney-Owned Maker Studios Drops PewDiePie Over Anti-Semitic Videos

Maker Studios has dropped PewDiePie over anti-Semitic content published on the YouTuber’s channel. PewDiePie, however, says that he was in no way espousing hateful attitudes.

Internet February 14, 2017

PewDiePie Trolls The Internet By Deleting Alternate Channel Instead: A Simple Joke Or An Amazing Marketing Stunt?

Felix Kjellberg, more popularly known as PewDiePie, trolled the internet by joking that he would delete his channel after it reached 50 million subscribers. However, the stunt might be more than just a simple joke.

Internet December 10, 2016

PewDiePie To Delete His YouTube Account To 'Stop His Channel From Dying'

PewDiePie is threatening to bolt YouTube due to what he claims to be a conspiracy against his channel. He has cited his race as one of the motivations behind the allegedly nefarious campaign.

Internet December 6, 2016

PewDiePie's 'Tuber Simulator' Tops The App Store Charts, Crashes Servers Due To Immense Popularity

'PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator is now the most popular free-to-play game in Apple's App Store. It is based on the video creator's own persona, simulating his attempts to build a successful YouTube video publishing empire.

Apps/Software October 1, 2016

Warner Bros. Charged By FTC Over Secret That It Paid PewDiePie, Other YouTubers For Positive 'Shadow Of Mordor' Game Review

Warner Bros. reached a settlement with the FTC over the fact that the company did not disclose the sponsorship of positive reviews for 'Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.' Among the paid YouTubers is Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie.

Business Tech July 12, 2016

PewDiePie Looks Back At The Old PewDiePie: 'I Have Changed'

PewDiePie told fans who want him to revert to his old style, that he does not like what he hears when watching some of his early videos. The YouTube star, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, said that he sees a lot of improvement in his works.

Internet April 26, 2016

PewDiePie Could Be Nominated, Or Potentially Win, An Emmy This Year Thanks To New Award Categories

The Emmys have added new categories in order to recognize the work of online content creators.

Movies/TV Shows March 2, 2016

PewDiePie And Disney's Maker Studios Launch Revelmode Network

The 'Emperor of the Internet' PewDiePie has teamed up with Disney's Maker Studios to launch a new online entertainment network called Revelmode. The network would feature PewDiePie along with other popular talents in several original series.

Internet January 14, 2016

YouTube's Superwoman Named One Of Forbes '30-Under-30'

YouTube star 'Superwoman' makes it to Forbes' list of 30 Under 30 most powerful in Hollywood and Entertainment. This sassy-talking writer and comedienne from Canada has over 7.2 million followers and reportedly earned $2.5 million last year.

Internet Culture January 7, 2016

How PewDiePie Gained 40 Million Followers And Became Emperor Of The Internet

PewDiePie strikes again. The Swedish comedian is the first to garner ten billion views on a YouTube channel. Here's how the Emperor of the Internet and all things gaming made his claim to fame.

Internet Culture October 24, 2015

PewDiePie To Star In Own YouTube Red Reality Series: Here's The Official Teaser [Video]

Your favorite YouTube star is back, this time with a show exclusive for YouTube Red members. Produced by the creator of 'The Walking Dead,' 'Scare PewDiePie' features Felix Kjellberg doing what he does best. More details and the official teaser trailer here.

Internet Culture October 22, 2015

Forbes Names PewDiePie As YouTube's Top Earner

Get to know more about Pewdiepie the YouTube celebrity and Forbes' winner for 'YouTube's Top-earning Celebrity' for 2015. Find out what this Swedish comedian has done and what he's currently up to.

Internet Culture October 16, 2015

Stephen Colbert Interviews 'Emperor Of The Internet' PewDiePie [Video]

Stephen Colbert welcomed Internet sensation PewDiePie on The Late Show by introducing him as The Emperor of The Internet. This is PewDiePie's first appearance on U.S. primetime television.

Internet Culture October 3, 2015

PewDiePie Takes On Mobile Gaming With ‘Legend Of The Brofist’ And Bros Are Digging It

YouTube's most popular vlogger PewDiePie stars in a mobile game that both old and new gamers can appreciate. Outerminds successfully pixelates not only the Swedish star's appearance but his personal brand of humor as well.

Video Games September 28, 2015

PewDiePie Made $7 Million In 2014 And Is Tired Of Talking About It

PewDiePie responds to those interested in how much money he brings in. 'It seems like the whole world cares more about how much money I make than I do myself,' he says.

Video Games July 8, 2015

PewDiePie Goes Beyond YouTube And Will Publish A Book: What Is It About

YouTube star PewDiePie expands his media empire with the publication of his very first book.

Internet June 16, 2015

Top 15 Most Watched PewDiePie Videos On YouTube

Felix Kjellberg of Sweden, also known as PewDiePie, has amassed almost 9 billion views for his YouTube videos.

Geek May 14, 2015

YouTube Preparing To Produce Several Original Series

YouTube is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world right now, so it only makes sense that the video sharing platform would begin producing its own original content.

Internet Culture April 29, 2015

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